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Wise Men Company

Bio Armed. Prepared. Involved. Informed. Creators of American made every day carry tools. Proverbs 27:17


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image by Wise Men Company (@wise_men_company) with caption : "The Quickie Buckle on my @lunarconcepts Belt is magnetic so it pulls my wise guy flattter to the belt. Cuts down on prin" - 1720639511476924830
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The Quickie Buckle on my @lunarconcepts Belt is magnetic so it pulls my wise guy flattter to the belt. Cuts down on printing which is an added bonus. We have Wise Guy Pocket Tools in stock along with kydex Carriers. Link in profile


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I set up my INVRT Bandoleer for the Scorpion. This is an interesting piece of gear from @ic13arms. It is a new twist on an old design. Of course great craftsmanship because it is built by @lunarconcepts. Go check out @ic13arms.profile for more videos on the INVRT Bandoleer.

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New YouTube video up on the Wise Men Co channel. The @vortexoptics Venom might not be everyone’s first thought when when they are talking micro red dot sights but I think this little Venom needs to be considered. @tatargets for all your steel target needs 🇺🇸 🎯

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How much movement are you getting in your training regiment? I used to get really wrapped in the stationary drills such as 1R1’s, Bill Drill, Mozambique, etc. Then after taking some training from guys with real world experience you start to see the topic of movement popping up a lot. (target transition is another big one) Shooting while moving. Changing position. Moving with a purpose. I know it’s tough to find ranges that allow you to do some of this stuff but make an effort to work on your foot work in conjunction with your shooting. From what I have seen and heard most fights are not stationary.

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This is my carry situation when I’m keeping a lower profile in areas where folks are “less optimistic” about me carrying such items 😏... Glock 26 in a @galcogunleather Ankle Glove. Other ankle has a spare mag and SOF-T wide in a DeSantis Ankle Carrier. Of Course I have my Wise Guy and Flash light in my pocket as well. Ask me about my shoes...I know you want too.