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Bio A lifestyle driven around capability, gear, and adventure. Tag along:


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Instagram Image by Triple Aught Design (@tripleaughtdesign) with caption : "Cleaning out the duffles from Waypoint : Gemini.  Next week we will release some #getbacktothegear videos going over all" at Triple Aught Design - 1716270755963309015

Cleaning out the duffles from Waypoint : Gemini. Next week we will release some videos going over all the gear (trucks, camping equipment, gear and apparel) used for the weekend adventure.


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As the day ended, a group of Waypoint : Gemini team members decided to try the slot canyon ascent one more time since the wet weather had passed. After successfully climbing up the canyon they were greeted with a large arch and another rocky playground to explore. The team sat on the arch and watched the sun set over the landscape. It was also one of the team members birthday, so the gang celebrate with a toast of @buffalotrace to finish the day off properly. This concludes our coverage of Waypoint : Gemini. Thanks for following along. Stay tuned for announcements on our next in-field adventures. @toyotausa @visitutah


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The Waypoint : Gemini team pressed on through the rain that turned to light snow as they gained elevation. Then, in a serendipitous moment, the weather broke as the team reached the top of the pass. As the sun rose and burned the low clouds away they explored Hurrah Pass and soaked in the views. @toyotausa @visitutah

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Before the Waypoint : Gemini team could hit the next destination, rain settled in. The Raptor Hoodies, Stealth Hoodie LT's, and Talisman Jackets were deployed and the team pressed on investigating petroglyphs and exploring the area for arches. The team attempted to climb a small slot canyon to reach the top, however turned back due to the rock growing increasingly slick and dangerous to climb without proper equipment. @toyotausa @visitutah

The Waypoint : Gemini team explored surrounding geological features on foot as the distant storm began to roll in. Some members found a 13 year old geocache hidden within the rocks. They signed and dated a TAD Patch and contributed to the cache. With weather moving in fast the team loaded back up in the rigs and headed for the next stop. @toyotausa @visitutah

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Sunrise warmed the canyon up from the below freezing temps as the Waypoint : Gemini team prepped for a full day in the field. TAD Team members passed out some gear for the participants and it wasn’t long before the entire convoy was on a roll to the first destination of the day. @toyotausa @visitutah