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Ben Booker

Bio •Owner/Founder of Second Chance Fitness 24 hour Gym •Trainer/ •Husband and father


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Instagram Image by Ben Booker (@thebenbooker) with caption : "Just out here in #Amish land #PayingTheMan like I owe him #rent.  It never is easy, but it is always worth it!! 15:27
10" at Second Chance Fitness 24 Hour Gym - 1719778687280213202

Just out here in land like I owe him . It never is easy, but it is always worth it!! 15:27 100 double unders (which I scrweed up royally errry round!) 21 calorie row 21 95 lbs 21 bar facing 100 dubs 15 calorie row 15 thrusters 95 lbs 15 bar facing BURPEES 100 dubs 9 calorie row 9 thrusters 95 lbs 9 bar facing BURPEES


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Finisher. 30 burpee bar muscle ups for time. 5:12

5-4-3-2-1 DEADLIFT 3 Trisets10-12 reps DB row Bench press Wide pull ups Devising the finisher now... 😈😈

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Me out in public trying to let @ebooker27 know how good she looks all inappropriate and sneaky like!

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Hey, Dirty baby I got your 💰!! Last set of unbroken handstand push-ups in this nice little EMOM! Great day today. Progressive EMOM START WITH 5 AND 10 THE +1 ON HSPU, +2 ON WALL BALLS TILL FAILURE. Modify to KIPPING or like Pete here, work on your hand stand pushups. EMOM EVEN - 5 SHSPU ODD - 10 WALL BALLS