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Bio Stranger Things 2 is now streaming.

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Us? Dramatic? NEVER.

image by Stranger Things (@strangerthingstv) with caption : "IF IT LIKES COLD, SHE BRINGS HEAT. Congratulations to @dkharbour on his @criticschoice win." - 1691004831518179178
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IF IT LIKES COLD, SHE BRINGS HEAT. Congratulations to @dkharbour on his @criticschoice win.

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When you think your girl is in The Upside Down AND mom takes away your toys.

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Start your new year right.

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Home for the holidays like...

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Ok well it’s the first day of Winter so here’s this!

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Rules for raising your telekinetic teenage daughter. As performed by @milliebobbybrown and @dkharbour.

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do. not. come. for. dus. tin. hen. der. son.

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Best Drama and Best Supporting Actor (@dkharbour) @goldenglobes nominations? 👉 hopper_dance3.mp4 👈

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What Ghostbusters song is this?

image by Stranger Things (@strangerthingstv) with caption : "us: * breathes * murray:" - 1664687109662628229
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us: * breathes * murray:

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it’s your boys!