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Questlove Gomez

Bio The Louis Tully of Music Trivia also the guy Pepa WASN’T talkin to at the top of “Shoop”


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image by Questlove Gomez (@questlove) with caption : "Never Forget." - 1719750330438058530
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Never Forget.


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For you latecomers & PODcrastinators out there make sure you follow @QLS & more importantly spread the word to fellow music/entertainment lovers that the ultimate geekout fest known as is waiting for them. Stream our episodes & learn the deep stuff like: how awkward was it confronting a film legend in front of his audience ( ep 73); how great were @Prince’s breakfast sandmiches (@TheRevolution ep 4); how did @RosarioDawson get @AXLrose & @GunsNRoses to play a dive bar in nyc? (Ep 70); Running The Voodoo Tour for ( Ep 5); getting in a near fistfight over ’s while recording ( ep 69); has zero problem whuppin dat ass if you try him ( ep 11); Oxtails n Champagne ( ep 68); anger & forgiveness ( ep 12); inventing in ear monitors for musicians (@SteveMillerBand.official ep 66); how ’s defined (@QtipTheAbstract ep 19); 🍺🍻🥂🍷🍶🥃🍸🍹🍾 ( ep 63); watching Al B Sure listen to Bobby Brown’s for the first time (@ChrisRock ep 21); will @SheilaE reveal HOW they got that linndrum to sound that way (ep 62); the time Hammer tried to kill @EmceeSerch (ep 22) playing NWA in the whitehouse (@DjDNice ep 61); the time @Usher lost (ep 24); Body Rollin the competition in late night (@RobinThede ep 60); one of ’s last in depth convos before his passing (ep27); Rock Royalty & Racism (@DariusRucker ep59); how @babyface losing his wisdom teeth ensured the success of (ep29); fishin w GeorgeClinton in the Bermuda Triangle (ep58); competing against @TheJacksons back in the day ( ep31); What’s Happening w (ep55); highs & lows & highs w @NellyFurtado (ep32); being w in his last 24 hrs ( ep 53); breaking the rules w (ep33); owning A&M w (ep 52); big breaks w (@SiedahGarrett ep 34); heckling w Miles (@ChakaiKhan ep 51); talkin trash w (ep 35/36/37) y’all get the point, no music cast is getting THIS deep son! only on @pandora.


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This is a @QLS emergency broadcast: a very special live studio audience edition of . We chill w aka @Common aka “Rash” & we discuss it all: Chicago (living, surviving, escaping & returning), college, unsigned hype, “H.E.R.” & ripple effect, beef, Black Christian conservative views vs liberalism, water, chocolate, dilla, the failure & triumph of , Kanye & all stops in between & after. Only on @pandora 1pm feb 21st should be awesome! Tell your friends who love nerdy music podcasts to check us out y’all.

image by Questlove Gomez (@questlove) with caption : "Way I see it, she won. Why you ask? Who sang las—-EEEEXXXACTLY!!!" - 1719199921277327575
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Way I see it, she won. Why you ask? Who sang las—-EEEEXXXACTLY!!!

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Ayo... I want @remixgodsuede brought up on charges for attempted murder 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 is the best jawn since Shirley Caesar singing bout bean greens tomatoes....I’m spinning this jawn ASAP

Instagram Image by Questlove Gomez (@questlove) with caption : "Far as I’m concerned ol girl did us a favor giving us this gif/meme" at Staples Center - 1717921196569147943
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Far as I’m concerned ol girl did us a favor giving us this gif/meme