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Bio 🍃 Explore wildlife🐅 🐯 Most beautiful animals in the world ❤️ I love my followers 📩 DM for credit or removal

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One of the most common species of crab in Sydney is the Black Finger Crab or simply the Rock Crab! These guys are really bulky and possess tough pincers which they use to crack shells and feed on snails and limpets! The most common environment where you'll find them is under rocks in intertidal waters. Cc: @biosteria


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Such a friendly encounter 😍 🌊


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Amazing video of a crazy seal jumping on to a whale and going for a ride! 🐋 It was captured off the Baja Peninsula of Mexico while on a whale watching tour. Video: WhaleOfATime (YouTube)

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This is adorable. I like when he sits and kicks his little feet out 💕💕🐻❄️ Via @protect.animals.worldwide

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Gorgeous little jumpy boy! - 📷

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Baby pumpkins is 3 month old. He has a big appetite for such a small tortoise.. Credit: @eddygun