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Bio Turn on post notifications!👆 Happy Human, 27Yrs Experience Trainer, Health Coach, 330+workouts 150+ Healthy Recipes in


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Next commercial break try this fun 9Exercise 30sec of each exercise & repeat 2-3x you can do it!😝💯💪It’s Day1 of our 10Day Challenge and all of the and full with instructions for All levels are in the club @hollywoodtrainerclub Tag a friend & Join us! ❤️💪Burning the excess from your core helps decrease your risk of and working your core through and using various methods of training helps improve your overall functional health & decreases your risk of pain & injury. As so wisely stated “You are as old as your spine”😊❤️. Song 🎶

image by Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins) with caption : "It’s Day1 of our 10Day #AbBlast Challenge 💪😊❤️and all of the workouts are in the club! @hollywoodtrainerclub www.TheHoll" - 1718317608159147409
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It’s Day1 of our 10Day Challenge 💪😊❤️and all of the workouts are in the club! @hollywoodtrainerclub just login or join, it’s only $20 a month, click on then and press play on Day1! You can do it! ❤️We have instructions and modifications for all levels so no excuses! You don’t need any equipment for today’s workout and all you need is a willingness to get started!

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10Day in the club @hollywoodtrainerclub starts Tomorrow! Join us!❤️ The 10Day and all of the for each day are in our in the club so just login and press play from your smartphone or computer! 😊❤️💯Here’s 10 you can add to your workouts this week! Give them a try! 10-15reps, 2-3sets!💪 It’s also time to plan your for the week! Login to the club for over 150+ and Meal Plans! ❤️When you schedule your workouts for the week & plan your you will be much more successful with achieving your healthy living goals! ❤️ we are starting our with @shape so join us for both challenges! Commitment & Consistency are two of the keys 🔑 🔑to Healthy Living! ❤️Make a commitment & join us! You can do it! ( is a encouraging teen girls to live an active lifestyle & their apparel is sold on their website, hit the link in their profile👉@prettygirlssweat ❤️💦)

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The images in of strong intelligent black women made my heart sing. ❤️I loved the layers of each character and all I can say is long overdue and so happy this moment has arrived.❤️I can’t wait to see it again & the sequel and I can’t wait to share it with all the little girls in my life! I mean we have a full army of beautiful strong black women fighting for good, the little girl that lives inside of me wants to be every character!❤️😊Congratulations to the entire cast & crew! I loved it & it filled me with joy!

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Cardio + Core!🔥💪💯Get some! ❤️Good for your heart (yes is still 🤨America’s killer so that alone should be enough to get you moving!). Good for your hormones (natural boost of happy hormones, endorphins & more so fight that by getting your body moving EVERY DAY! ). Good for your because really happiness starts with & . Good for your mind, body & spirit so get it in! ❤️💦Join us Monday for our 10Day Challenge in the club @hollywoodtrainerclub and on for our with @shape we would love to have you!❤️💪Commitment & consistency is the key! 🔑 Try this workout: 3mile Run/Walk/Jog at your own pace with 5-10 sprint intervals for 30sec. (Your sprint, your speed). Here are 4 Ab Exercises you can try: 1) with a Kick Through 10-20reps 2) 10-20reps 3) alt 20reps 4) 10-15reps 2-3Sets!💪💯😊 (Song @frenchmontana 🎶)

image by Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins) with caption : "You know how the story goes...Summer bodies 👙☀️🌴are made in the winter! 💪❤️💯To motivate you to kick your workouts up a g" - 1716205679474912065
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You know how the story goes...Summer bodies 👙☀️🌴are made in the winter! 💪❤️💯To motivate you to kick your workouts up a gear we are doing two new challenges! 🙌Monday is the 10Day in the club @hollywoodtrainerclub featuring our new and yes of course Cardio 💦& Strength Training! 💪 we kick off the with @shape so sign up for the @shape newsletter at so you don’t miss any of the workouts, Motivation, Facebook Lives, Instagram Lives and more! Let’s gooooooooo!