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Bio 🌊 Dive into the wonders of the sea and our mission to conserve the ocean! 🐙 🐟 @SeafoodWatch 👻 montereyaq


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The spectacular sea butterfly is one of the gelata you may have met but didn't recognize! When alive and at sea, these open-ocean snails fly with a foot flapping like a wing. Washed up on the beach, all that's left is the clear, spiky thimble of their soft shell. But that's not the only tubular jelly that you may have found beach-combing—besides sea butterflies, you may have discovered a few "sea pickles," especially last year! More on those in tomorrow's post! First photo by @scubajonjake.


We interrupt your scrolling to inform you that alien spaceships have invaded our exhibit hall! Leucothea pulchra spotted comb jellies are otherworldly beings, and thankfully demand only our fascination in exchange for sharing the planet with us. Find out more about these jelly beings in our profile link!


Instagram Image by Monterey Bay Aquarium (@montereybayaquarium) with caption : "Being made of jelly isn't weird in a water world! Comb jellies like Leucothea share their living space with a myriad of " at Pacific Grove, California - 1719252891955247174

Being made of jelly isn't weird in a water world! Comb jellies like Leucothea share their living space with a myriad of gelatinous seatizens—the "gelata"—including the spectacular sea butterfly Corolla spectabilis, a wing-footed snail! More on those tomorrow... 📷 @scubajonjake

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🚨EXCITING JELLY NEWS!🚨 Our jelly team has successfully bred Leucothea pulchra — "The Beautiful Sea Goddess"—in a world first for this genus of comb jellies! So fragile they've been described as "barely organized water," these astonishing animals are now on display! Find out more in our profile link.

If you enjoy gelatinous invertebrates, then we think you're ready for these jellies. From stinging tentacles to scintillating spectacles through filtering receptacles, we're exploring the wider world of jellykind this week—get ready to fill up on gelata! (Points for identifying the general taxonomic group (class or higher) of each animal! Triple points for identifying the genus and species of each animal! Infinity points if you DM a photo of one of these jellies you took in the wild!)

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Double rainbow across the SKYYY! Yesterday's showers produced this double-decker display off of our back deck. 🌈🌈 Thank you to staffer @em1337 for these stunning snaps.