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Bio Internal Writer at Everything Literari❤ Weaving tales of magic📝💫 Bibliophile📚😄 To live is to write❤


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image by Sahini (@inked_writer) with caption : "Happy Valentine's Day❤ @everythingliterari 
Dear Future Love,

Let me tell you that the girl you'll meet ain't easy to h" - 1714385871462996627
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Happy Valentine's Day❤ @everythingliterari Dear Future Love, Let me tell you that the girl you'll meet ain't easy to handle. She's this crazy mush ball of emotions and whims. An old-school romantic hopelessly in love with life. The girl you'll probably like is someone who prefers staying in PJs all day rather than hopping around the city over weekends. Someone who cries and laughs along with fictional characters, every time she watches a film or reads a book. Someone who believes in fairy tales and forevers, even after all this time. The girl you'll probably love still jumps like a kid seeing a box of chocolates. And boy! if she leaves you some, understand that you mean a lot to her. If you find her watching a football game and cheering your favorite team, know that she's making an effort to enjoy the things which you love. There will be days when she writes long poems in your name. Then there will be days when words fade and silence prevails. When she gives up writing and say that she's not worthy of being called one, remind her that it's a mere block. And that too shall pass. You might be a big fan of EDM. But get ready to experience Frank Sinatra singing "Just the way you look tonight". When you change profile picture, she'll make sure you post a perfect caption for it. When she has a bad day at work, give her one tight hug and tell her that it's okay. When your bucket list of travelling around the world becomes her wish and her dream of owning a cottage in faraway countryside becomes yours, know that she's the one you'll want to spend rest of your life with. Promise to take her on adventures and she will teach you the subtle art of embracing monotony. Learn to love her dimples and pimples alike. And most of all, love her for the woman that she is. Yes. She's an old-school girl who still believes in forever and happily ever after. Knock her door only when you are ready. @sruthisahini Art: