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Bio Let's see: Coffee☕️ My fiancé + our bulldog🎎🐶 And the occasional post about fitness💪 Because I'm supposed to, right? Welcome to HunterFitness


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Here’s a clip from the FRC Mobility Specialist Certification in San Jose, CA last week. ⠀ One of the reoccurring points we try and make over the weekend is that FRC is not a list of exercises that has a start point and an end point. ⠀ We’re teaching a thought process built out of a system of principles. ⠀ If you can grasp that idea, you’ll learn very quickly that the thought process can be used on anyone, at any level. ⠀ You don’t have to be “more mobile” than someone to train them. You can take a high level dancer or a cirque athlete and train them right after the weekend warrior right after the grandma looking to pick up her grandkids easier- all in a row with the same principles. ⠀ Demonstrated in this video, @deweynielsen is bringing the attendees through a passive range hold with a bent knee- it often makes people aware of a big passive to active gap in hip flexion. ⠀ Right after, I bring @lithiumkitten through a variation of the same exercise by using the thought process to find a position that is more appropriate for her. Her example is better than most I’ve seen. ⠀ Just because I cannot hold my leg here, doesn’t mean I cannot train her. That’s the point. ⠀ Same principles. Different body. Different position. Equally as challenging for that individual. (Ask Sam- her quad was sore for a few days.) ⠀ Also want to apologize for calling Sam a witch and saying “burn her” 😂- that was an emotional response since her hip flexion is far superior to mine. But I’m motivated to catch up. ⠀


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Playing with varying levels of thoracic rotation during sissy squats. ⠀ Because the world ain’t linear kids. ⠀ Also because I was bored and wanted to see what it looked like. ⠀ And, well, here’s the obligatory “you shouldn’t try this if you aren’t ready for it”


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Mobility Expression. ⠀ In direct opposition to my post earlier today, this is NOT Mobility Training, in my opinion. ⠀ Note: read that again. It’s my opinion. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Let me tell you why. ⠀ I believe mobility training involves purposely training in a way to expand motion at an articulation and then learn to control that new range. (FRC) ⠀ I believe expressing mobility means taking the mobility you already have- the range of motion you already have- and using that to create movement. For me- that means movement in extreme ranges because those are ranges I own already. ⠀ My wrist can already bend this much. My back considers this mid-range of motion (trust me). My ankles and knees consider this easy. ⠀ My shoulder has the ability to axially rotate because I train it to have that ability. Then I trained it to handle axial rotation under Load. ⠀ In this video, one shoulder has a large portion of my body weight on it, under Load, while axially rotating (when I transition from table-top to bridge.) ⠀ Knowing the difference is huge, in my opinion (there’s that word again.) ⠀ If I took a client who didn’t have the prerequisite range of motion and strength (aka the prerequisite mobility) to perform this movement- I believe they are in danger of pushing the tissues involved past their capacity. Aka- potential injury. ⠀ I think a lot of people are trying to use exercises that express mobility to improve mobility and are really confused when they’re not getting the results that they want with their mobility training. ⠀ So back to this video- this was EASY due to the fact that I had the mobility to handle it. But it’s not the exercise I do regularly to improve mobility. That’s the boring stuff I share. This just makes mobility look cool. ⠀ Get it? Am I beating a dead horse yet? I’ll keep ranting anyway because this is my corner of the internet. 🕺🏼 ⠀

Instagram Image by Hunter Cook (@hunterfitness) with caption : "Mobility Training.
Not a warm up.
Not a cool down.
Actual training.
Progressive overload. Law of specificity.
" at Long Beach, California - 1715548324762773716

Mobility Training. ⠀ Not a warm up. ⠀ Not a cool down. ⠀ Actual training. ⠀ Progressive overload. Law of specificity. ⠀ Hip flexion + external rotation (aka rubberguard) passive range lift offs. ⠀ Notice that I’m actively* pulling my foot towards my shoulder. ⠀ @functionalrangeconditioning ⠀ * as opposed to passively bringing it their with my other leg, my arms, or gravity bringing my chest towards my foot; like in your sloppy pigeon pose. 🤷🏼‍♂️ ⠀ TL;DR? Active measures yields active results. Passive measure yields passive results. Choose wisely. 📸- @5sensesphotography

Instagram Image by Hunter Cook (@hunterfitness) with caption : "I always learn something (or many things) when I spend time with Michael Ranfone ( @rannyron ) and feel lucky to conside" at Long Beach, California - 1714795880432847581

I always learn something (or many things) when I spend time with Michael Ranfone ( @rannyron ) and feel lucky to consider him a friend, colleague, and mentor. Follow him. And my Hunter Fitness FB page.

Every video that @kyliesheaxo makes just reinforces why I love- ⠀ 1) learning more about dance. ⠀ 2) watching dancers move and their individual style. ⠀ 3) working with dancers on improving their mobility. They are some of my favorite population to work with. ⠀ 4) dabbling with dance myself. I haven’t been practicing anything lately but I miss rolling around on my wooden floors. ⠀ Keep killing it Kylie. The human body is phenomenal when you give it (repeatedly and consistently) the good input. ⠀