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Denisse Tenore💋 (@denissetenore) Instagram Profile Photo denissetenore

Denisse Tenore💋

Bio PT/ 👻: DenisseTen KETO🐅 🇲🇽🇪🇸TeamGaspari 🏆3X •••Creating art📸 like/share my 🎨just give me credit💋•••business inquiries=>email


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Words of encouragement🤷🏼‍♀️ Never give up Never compare yourself to others Love yourself This is the first step to your fitness journey. . . Unedited work by: @martygottlieb

image by Denisse Tenore💋 (@denissetenore) with caption : "Let the rain ☔️ wash all my sins away👹
📸: @martygottlieb
@officialbetterbodies" - 1765281231095576194
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Let the rain ☔️ wash all my sins away👹 . . . 📸: @martygottlieb @officialbetterbodies

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I am addicted to progress. When I train, I make sure I put by body through the impossible. •I make sure I feel the mental and physical pain. The more I can endure, the more I know I am overcoming my challenges. •Every workout is painful, but that is what I enjoy most. My hard work has also inspired and motivated others. In my journey as an athlete, I have been able to reach people and help them pursue their fitness goals because of my own passion and dedication. It is that what keeps me going every single day. ➡️➡️Swipe right to take a look at my progress never stop growing😜 . . . 📸: @martygottlieb

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Friday’s FUN FACTS: swipe➡️ •I like to think of myself as strong and unbreakable🙌🏼 • i’m addicted to coffee ☕️ • working out and lifting heavy makes me happy 😃 • i’m a foodie at heart (I can’t say no to sweets) • five years ago I had a fit “mommy stomach” now I have a fit “MOM BODY” • my father was a professional bull rider🐃 • I live and swear by @gaspari Supplements for the WIN! • The lowest I’ve had my body fat % is at a 4 or 5 😮 •I was blessed with three beautiful and sweet sisters • I love being outdoors I challenge: @joellenicole3 @haitianbeauty25 @savannah_tenore @jojo13fit @jennyrichfit @joctenore @proartistrybylinda To continue this and share 10 fun facts about yourself. 🎉

Instagram Image by Denisse Tenore💋 (@denissetenore) with caption : "#ThrowbackThursday #1995 
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. Boom 💥 
Free" at Plano, Texas - 1760921753726441846
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Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. Boom 💥 Young Wild Free

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🌊Flipping fins with my snorkel buddy: @mmoda517 always my 😍 Who’s ready for the summer heat?☀️ I know I am! . . . . 📸: @martygottlieb 💄: @proartistrybylinda

image by Denisse Tenore💋 (@denissetenore) with caption : "I feel feminine when I feel feminine. I feel masculine when I feel masculine. 👹💥I am a role switcher. 👹💥
Your Monday" - 1758749536225787782
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I feel feminine when I feel feminine. I feel masculine when I feel masculine. 👹💥I am a role switcher. 👹💥 . . Your Monday morning thoughts 💭 set the tone for your whole week. See yourself getting stronger, and living a fulfilling, happier & healthier life. . . . Image by: @thenewmejourney @thenewmejourney_photography 💄: @proartistrybylinda ((This image is 100% unedited)) not that I care but I don’t want anyone judging Steve’s perfect work 🤳

image by Denisse Tenore💋 (@denissetenore) with caption : "smile and be glad you have another day 🙏🏼 happy Sunday" - 1758036998827549266
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smile and be glad you have another day 🙏🏼 happy Sunday

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🧜‍♀️Freaky Fun Friday the 13th💎any FUN or FREAKY plans for today???? . . Tug-of-war with: @mmoda517 Wearing 👙: @kl_swimwear

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Can we get a moment of silence🤫 SWIPE ➡️➡️ OK so we all know Xtremes or restrictions only causes mental and physical health issues. ((Stay with me)) Then we have a little taste👅 and we followed by the . 🤨 sounds familiar???? We have all been through this many many times. So I would like to share my healthier treats that keep me from falling into this vicious cycle ______ The Marcos are very close to the regular I “use to” enjoy. BE & enjoy the smaller things in life 👅 Check them out: @epicspreads

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Lifting makes woman muscular & unattractive?! I don’t want to lift/lift heavy cause I don’t want to look manly?! WHAT???? I hear this wayyyyyy to often.🤨 •to each our own & I respect that.... but when you feel it’s ok to talk about females that carry size or are defined 👿that’s when I have ZERO tolerance👿 If someone likes slightly muscular women that isn't wrong.. It's just a preference. About 1% of women who lift weights actually end up 'muscly'.. It doesn't happen by accident. It also has no effect on how attractive a woman is, you can have a perfectly nice figure if you don't lift weights if you have good genetics. However, if you look at regular girls who lift (and even some Olympic weight lifters /powerlifters) they end up with a nice bum and thighs and a slimer waist... Which isn't manly at all. . . to my beast @mmoda517 🐆 Makeup: @proartistrybylinda Powered by: @gaspari

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Hi my name is Denisse👋🏼 what goals are YOU crushing this week?? • • People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. • • Unedited 📸: @thenewmejourney 💄: @proartistrybylinda Tan: @lushcustomspraytanning

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Channeling☀️summer vibes🌊 Swipe➡️➡️➡️❤️ . . . 📸: @martygottlieb Style & makeup: ME

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If you are not seeing results, it's time to stop doing what you've always done! Step out of your comfort zone, spend a little money on yourself, and get the plan you need for success!

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➡️ No time for a pity party. No one else feels sorry for you, don't feel sorry for yourself. I don't have an OFF switch. I have a grind switch, and a grind fucking harder switch🙌🏼🔪🚨 Are you with me? . . . 📸: @martygottlieb 💄: @proartistrybylinda Tan: @lushcustomspraytanning

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🤝My new motto really hit the bullseye! Let these wise words sink in, and be sure to take them to heart. You have a fulfilled and happy life - don't let the little things get you down. Instead, be optimistic and think positive, just like your motto says. "Give life your hand and you'll be surprise what takes you" • • 📸: @martygottlieb 💄: @proartistrybylinda Fueled: @gaspari

getting sexy to “X” by: @nickyjampr @jbalvin inspired by: @ronygx_zj Partner in crime: @shawnqt daleeeee👌🏼💥👌🏼