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H: حafsa

Bio 하프 사 ( sa ) Not a soft stan !🤧 Bts own my heart and soul rip


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Happy birthday Jhope ! I hope you have the best birthday ever :) here’s to 25 and more years to your life :) I hope you always remember how much you mean to us and how much of an impact you have had in my life and in general the lives of army 🤧❤️ . You always make people smile and your laugh and smile are contagious oof about your dimples .. I love I love your dimples ok I’ll stop but ily so so much .. ty for whiny the sunshine bts have and we have ... happy birthday to my favorite dance king . ich liebe dich❤️. . 사랑해 You’re JHOPE , OUR HOPE ❤️🌙 Ly Dt: this lil bean over here and EVERYONE ❤️


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Sorry for not posting for long ❤️🤧✋🏽 Collab with the amazing @mysticmins Part one : her Part two : me Ac: a baby Ariel fp Dt: all of you vmin stans 🤧❤️ E n j o y


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For yunus @lit.alejandro ily 🤧❤️ Ac:lit.alejandro Dt : yunus , @tragicsuga @guccim0chi @hardmochi @mysticmins @pnkjin ❤️ App: cute cut pro I honestly love how this turned out

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피, 땀, 눈물 An era we all live for Ac/rm/ib: @blissfuljin ( her edits tho 😍🤧❤️) Dt: @hardmochi @metaenoiaa @tragicsuga @moonlikejimin 🤧😰❤️ I hope you’ll love this :)

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Insta ruined the quality jdjdjd it looked better in ccp! Ac/ib/rm: @pitadols Dt: @tragicsuga (since bts memes always make your day ) Song : idk but I’ll let you know once I get to know Enjoy :)

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“Take me to the other side “ Yay I finally Made an edit on my birthday :) Ac: me / yt ib/rm : @kaninkook ( her edits are amazing !) Dt : @sallybangtan @sugaspizza @xvulo @park.tiffany_ @tragicsuga @hardmochi @yoonmin.aep @olayyoon @taentation @freshcutae @metaenoiaa @mysticmins @moonlikejimin & @raindayjin ❤️ I love you guys Song : I think other side by Jason derulo I kinda suck at video edits !