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when i hit my friends $400 vape with 180 giggawat coils, top of the line burners and golden-plated battery modulars @moviemanny


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i recreated a bunch of my girlfriends pics because she had her camera and ring light set up lmaoo @shandude

image by Chris Melberger (@chrismelberger) with caption : "happy valentine's day" - 1714963402353083988
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happy valentine's day

image by Chris Melberger (@chrismelberger) with caption : "anyone else? 😳" - 1714131033589140874
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anyone else? 😳

image by Chris Melberger (@chrismelberger) with caption : "new tattoo

i posted this story on my twitter but i'm also going to share it here. i wanted to get another tattoo since " - 1712647298154853787
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new tattoo i posted this story on my twitter but i'm also going to share it here. i wanted to get another tattoo since it had been almost a year since my first one. i knew i wanted it to mean something so i started to brainstorm. i felt a red fox was appropriate because it was the mascot of the college i went to. at this college is where my company (neat dude) was created. the other reason is it's symbolic meaning. when my mom passed away we had a beautiful red fox come by my house and walk around the backyard for a few weeks. in chinese culture the red fox is considered a messenger of death - the recently departed letting you know they are okay. i never really believed in that kind of stuff but for some reason this really resonated with me. made me feel good. the other day i was talking to shan about where i wanted it and how i decided on the red fox. she was excited. i was watching twitch on my computer and relaxing as the snow fell down outside, and in the blanket of white i noticed a red blur moving in the corner of my eye. sure enough it was a red fox. i hadn't seen one in a couple months but for some reason at this exact moment it decided to walk by my particular backyard at that particular time? pretty cool. also the yellow rose was my mom's favorite flower and the tattoo artist thought it was a nice combination. hope you enjoyed the story. thanks again for the awesome tattoo @hatcitychris