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Bret "Glute Guy" Contreras PhD

Bio PhD in glutes, 20+ year personal trainer, CSCS, author, researcher, inventor, lifelong student of S&C. Click below for a customized training program:


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I think this was our best session yet at @theglutelab! Here is the lovely @katiecordoza performing the following 12 movements: Band Skorcher hip thrusts 45 degree hypers Lever squats Barbell hip thrusts Bulgarian split squats Kettlebell deadlifts Smith machine reverse lunges Seated hip abduction machine Glute ham rollers Assisted step downs Frog pumps Cable kneeling hip thrusts @katiecordoza ・・・ Stellar workout tonight!! @theglutelab 🤩🍑🌟 Coach @bretcontreras1 crushed the glute squad with 12 stations - 30 sec on, 30 sec off. Then, we finished with banded glute burnouts!! Awesome class, loved the structure, positive energy, and great coaching!! Thanks @arbryce, @alex.sterner, @kevineinwindir 🙌🏼 My lower body is toasted and I love it!! 🔥🍑🔥 • • 🎶 Music by @thephynx 🎶 🎥 Film skills @glencordoza 👌🏼

Here’s a week’s worth of my training sessions at @theglutelab. Hitting it hard but too busy to be posting a lot lately. As you can see, I love total body, lower/upper, and bodypart splits. They all have their place.

Hey guys, last year I made this badass special barbell for frog pumps. You can use it for glute bridges and hip thrusts too. It’s self-spotting. Here’s how you can do it yourself. Pick up the following parts from Home Depot or Lowe’s or some other home improvement store. 🔨🔧🔩 (2) 1 inch diameter black iron floor flange fitting (2) 1 inch diameter black iron 'T' fitting (2) 1 inch diameter, 12 inch length black steel nipple fitting (2) 1 inch diameter, 18 inch length black iron pipe (1) 1 inch diameter, 36 inch length black iron pipe I’ve been using this for the last year but I kept it secret because I wanted to sell an improved upon model to my followers. If you’re a manufacturer and would like to make this for me so I can sell it to my fans, please come at me bro! I’m too busy these days to search around and I wanted my followers to be able to benefit from this idea. Scroll left to see pics and vids. Load it up with 25lb plates so you have tension through the full ROM.

Pacific Beach Report Share Download 187 3.67K

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovely ladies out there! Check out the latest exercise we’ve been prescribing at @theglutelab (please follow Glute Lab as we are about to officially open): the cable kneeling hip thrust. We’ve been implementing this into programs lately and the women love it. Here’s @brianna_fit_ busting out 30 reps with the entire stack! I wasn’t going to prescribe it to her during last night’s workout but I changed my mind upon request (it was her only request - Bret can we please do that new kneeling exercise?). This reminded me of 12 years ago when I first began prescribing hip thrusts. My female clients would beg me to include them in every workout. That’s when you know you’re onto something good. As you know, we do band kneeling hip thrusts too, but the cable column kicks even more ass. Form/technical pointers: 1) kneel on two pads to put the shin at a more ideal angle, 2) hold onto something for support, 3) pin extra weight to the stack if need be (our cable column has band peg attachments so we’re set there), 4) sit back and sink into the hips, 5) tuck the chin at the top and try to posterior pelvic tilt at lockout, 6) toy around with stance to match your hip anatomy (wider, heels together, etc.), 7) have a spotter stand behind you and place his/her foot against your feet if you find yourself sliding backwards. We like performing 2-3 sets of 15-30 reps at the end of a workout for a burnout.

We’ve been doing a lot of hip thrust dropsets lately at Glute Lab. They’re so damn effective. But they’re also brutal and take a lot out of you, so they should be incorporated sparingly. Here are @nirvanafit and @soheefit performing 325 x 5, 275 x 5, 225 x max reps (Kiana got 15, Sohee got 10) back to back to back. They weigh 115 and 110, respectively. Give this a try and see if you can get more total reps than these badasses. Sohee’s 325 x 5 was a PR by the way - she’s been crushing it lately!

Instagram Image by Bret "Glute Guy" Contreras PhD (@bretcontreras1) with caption : "Attention fitness peeps! I just realized that I never posted about this. Big seminar in San Diego the last weekend in Ma" at Pacific Beach, San Diego - 1713175937014818537

Attention fitness peeps! I just realized that I never posted about this. Big seminar in San Diego the last weekend in March with two of my best buds @bradschoenfeldphd and @thealanaragon. We’re gonna teach you about growing muscle, burning fat, building glutes, and more. I consider Brad to be the world’s foremost expert on muscle hypertrophy and Alan to be the world’s foremost expert on nutrition for body comp purposes. I want you to learn from these bros just as I have. They’re good guys in general who care about science and health and fitness. I want you to witness their passion, get reinvigorated, and have a ton of fun during this weekend. The location is at my gym (Glute Lab) and the weather should be amazing. We will learn, laugh, lift, and eat some good grub. We’ve already sold 28 seats so go ahead and sign up to reserve your spot: I’ll post a live link on my story and on my profile as well and keep the there for a couple of days. Hope to see you there! Should be getting NSCA CEUs - I’ll keep you posted on that.