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Bio 90s Basketball cards! Favorites from the golden area of basketball cards. And some nostalgia courtesy of the best NBA players from the 90s!


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Card of the day! Charles Barkley 96 Upper Deck USA The base set included 4 career highlights cards of each player and one of these portraits of power. Barkley and Mitch Richmond were added late to the team so their base cards available through a trade in redemption card. Barkley tore up the 92 Olympic Games. He followed suit 4 years later by leading the team in scoring. - - - - @checkoutmycards @nba @nsccshow @psacard @beckettmediallc @usabasketball @upperdecksports @olympics @hoophall


Card of the day! Shaquille O'Neal 96 Upper Deck USA, SP Career Statistics These were inserted at a rate of one in each pack. As a young collector I love the Upper Deck USA set and the SP inserts were the apple of my eye. This is one of the first sets I remember actively trying to complete! And while I was on the hunt and I pulled the first gold.... - - - - @checkoutmycards @nba @nsccshow @psacard @beckettmediallc @usabasketball @upperdecksports @shaq @shaqfu_radio @olympics


Card of the day! Michael Jordan 96 Upper Deck USA, American Made I loved 1996 Upper Deck USA. These cards were the top card back then and still today. I loved how the ease and all the inserts followed the same simple die-cut design. - - - - @checkoutmycards @nba @nsccshow @beckettmediallc @jumpman23 @hoophall @chicagobulls @usabasketball @upperdecksports

Card of the day! Rod Strickland 94-95 Topps Finest, Marathon Man This set was very similar to the Iron Man set shared earlier this week. This set was a bit easier to pull (1:12) but looked very similar. Rod Strickland was an incredible player. A legend in NYC from his days before the NBA. He had all the tools you look for in PG. great perimeter defender, great passer and ball handler, good finisher around the rim, and made few errors. His issue was just the teams he played in were never contenders. Because of the lack of team success, he get forgotten in time. - - - - @beckettmediallc @checkoutmycards @nba @psacard @nsccshow @rod_strickland1 @topps @trailblazers

Card of the day! Gary Payton 94-95 Topps Finest, Refractor The second year of the iconic @topps refractors. These card can be hard to identify in pictures. It wasn't until 96-97 that they marked cards on the back as a refractor. There is not denying a refractor in hand! Be cautious purchasing online but rest assured you will know it's authenticity when you see one! - - - - - @beckettmediallc @checkoutmycards @nba @psacard @nsccshow @gary.payton.20 @okcthunder