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Marko Radovic (@markoradovic86) Instagram Profile Photo markoradovic86

Marko Radovic


Комити Запад / Komiti Zapad 🔴⚫ (@vardarfans1987) Instagram Profile Photo vardarfans1987

Комити Запад / Komiti Zapad 🔴⚫


Instagram Image by Комити Запад / Komiti Zapad 🔴⚫ (@vardarfans1987) with caption : "Kristjian (Komiti): First of all I want to thank you about this interview and I would like to introduce myself. I’m comi" at Philip II Arena - 1738659722695233934

Kristjian (Komiti): First of all I want to thank you about this interview and I would like to introduce myself. I’m coming from Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia and I’m 21 years old. I’m member of Komiti around 10 years, and I have some active functions in the group in the last few years. As you said, the name Komiti first appeared on the match against Red Star (Crvena Zvezda). Since then, FK Vardar have our support on every game no matter if it’s home game or away. The group was founded from people that were already supported Vardar from the west stand and they wanted to made the support official, so they decided to organize all the fans in one ultras group. At the beginning, the group was rising very fast and we were head-to-head with other ex-Yugoslav ultras groups, so Skopje become city that wasn’t safe for the away ultras. But, after the independence of Macedonia, our federation were often banning the away matches so that was the start of losing the power of our group. Also we had some inside conflict in the group in 1999, conflict that divided our group to two smaller and less powerful groups. Than our club had big financial problems and from the best team in Macedonia we became just an average team that can only dream for the title. Luckily, all this problems are past, and the group is unique at the moment. @komitidracevo1987 @komiti_skopje ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow the crew: @patriotski_navivaci @makedonskinavivaci @macedonian_patriot @patriotic_macedonia @macedonian_nationalist @macedonia.officialmk #vardar

Matteo Sarlo (@matte0106) Instagram Profile Photo matte0106

Matteo Sarlo


Uskat Andreas (@uscky) Instagram Profile Photo uscky

Uskat Andreas

Instagram Image by Uskat Andreas (@uscky) with caption : "#Museum #skopje #vardar river# macedonia" at Skopje - 1738339032913627613
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#vardar river# macedonia

Arjen Schuitemaker (@arjensch) Instagram Profile Photo arjensch

Arjen Schuitemaker

Instagram Image by Arjen Schuitemaker (@arjensch) with caption : "Skopje has a lot of nice views!
#skopje #macedonia #travel #traveler #citytrip #view #statue #vardar" at Skopje - 1737897932987606288
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Skopje has a lot of nice views! - #vardar