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Susan Zegafuse (@susanzegafuse) Instagram Profile Photo susanzegafuse

Susan Zegafuse

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A to our St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans! ☘️🇮🇪🌈💚 #triplej

Thandi Phoenix (@thandiphoenix) Instagram Profile Photo thandiphoenix

Thandi Phoenix

image by Thandi Phoenix (@thandiphoenix) with caption : "OK! 😆🤪😭 “My Way” produced by the one and only @rudimentaluk is OUT NOWWWWWW 💥💥💥 I wrote this song as a reminder, not onl" - 1740858917994232540
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OK! 😆🤪😭 “My Way” produced by the one and only @rudimentaluk is OUT NOWWWWWW 💥💥💥 I wrote this song as a reminder, not only to myself but to you. In this life you’ve gotta chase what sets your SOUL ON FIRE🔥There will always be people out there who just don’t get it. They won’t get you or your magic ✨ nor understand what makes you tick or what satisfies your soul. And you know what, they may never and they don’t have to. Allow it. LIVE your life for yourself. Be BOLD, FEARLESS and UNAPOLOGETIC for the person you are 👊🏽Too often we let the pressure of society and the opinions of others impact our decisions and our happiness. Don’t loose yourself or loose sight of your purpose. As long as you’re not going out there to purposefully hurt someone, Do whatever the fuck feels right for you! If it makes you smile do more of it, take risks even when they scare you. Challenge yourself, GROW. Most importantly do what makes yourself proud. Do what you love 🧡🧡 This is MY WAY and it’s no longer just mine, it’s yours and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you 🧡🧡

C H E L S E A 🌻 (@_chels81) Instagram Profile Photo _chels81

C H E L S E A 🌻

🚨 Alert🚨 It's About 2 Go Down! This Saturday evening is taking over the City of Melbourne. Come & partaaaay with us as we shut down @federationsquare in style! Link in bio • • • • • •💼📆@thisisdiscoverymanagement • • • • • • • • • • #triplej

Dylan Blake (@chowchal) Instagram Profile Photo chowchal

Dylan Blake

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G Flip - About You I’ve only just come across her music recently but she is amazing. Check her out and follow her stuff. #triplej

💋Adriana💋 (@adri_gets_fit) Instagram Profile Photo adri_gets_fit


Instagram Image by 💋Adriana💋 (@adri_gets_fit) with caption : "Patiently waiting on my baby nephew 👶🏻💙!!!#nephew#marchbaby2018#triplej#patientlywaiting#cantwaittomeethim" at St. Joseph Medical Center - 1740710091730002157

Patiently waiting on my baby nephew 👶🏻💙!!!#triplej