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vera bardo/personal p🎈 (@verabardomemory) Instagram Profile Photo verabardomemory

vera bardo/personal p🎈


Alejandro M Marez 🧔🏻 (@alealejandro_0) Instagram Profile Photo alealejandro_0

Alejandro M Marez 🧔🏻


Well! Here it is! Just a small fraction of the great footage that I got with my @djiglobal . I thank @alli_012 from the bottom of my heart for helping make this trip happen. Sante Fe sunset ✅ • Also my family for their moral support at the idea of this (not so) once in a lifetime trip. • And also Kate! The owner of that stunning New Mexican, hilltop villa. As well as their fantastic dog, Gabe. He knows how’s a good boy. • There is still more footage to come from our little trek into Estes Park, Colorado.

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Squeeze House

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“Sean and I were the first ones to suit up and head up onto the glacier. We started going up for about an hour. It was pitch black, and all we had were our head lamps. We looked back and all we could see were 4 head lamps coming up at us... No one else, so we didn’t know who it was. We kept saying who it could be, who could it be. Then we stopped and as they marched up and it got lighter, we could see the group of Daniel, Austin, and Trey. They were excited and fired up that they were up there, while we were exhausted. In that moment, I was experiencing pure joy to be with those guys that I’m so close with, but I also felt so small on such a big volcano. We all witnessed the sunrise as it came up. It was incredible. There’s nothing like that moment that I’ve experienced in my life. . Sean and I used the back end of our ice ax to carve our seats into the ice. We were just chilling, sitting. We got a pretty spectacular view of the sunrise. Then Daniel and his group with Austin and Trey came down. The sun started to rise and we realized how far up we really were. How inexperienced we were. And what we had gotten ourselves into. There was definitely an overarching feeling of the group of how the hell are we going to get back down. We still had 6 hours until potential summit. We were super nervous, but in that, I think that the pictures capture how much joy I had. It wasn’t a failure that I didn’t get up to the summit, but being in the moment with those guys was what it was all about. They say it’s not about the destination, but the journey. The journey with those dudes was spectacular. Sean and I just sitting there digging in our seats just enjoying the moment, was probably better than the summit itself.” . . “I will say, Pico, if you are out there listening, I will be back.” . ❗️FULL VIDEO LINK IN BIO❗️ . | | | | | | | | | | | | | #sunrise | | | | | | | | | | | |

image by Brian (@travelphotoslight) with caption : "This was a few years ago I took this photo in Outer Banks NC 
Still waiting for summer lol ✔️
#summer #beach #landsca" - 1742304693742468525
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This was a few years ago I took this photo in Outer Banks NC Still waiting for summer lol ✔️ ❤️ #Sunrise