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ROO MY SOULMATE ♡ #TRANGANGEL (@parkchimmochii) Instagram Profile Photo parkchimmochii



image by ROO MY SOULMATE ♡ #TRANGANGEL (@parkchimmochii) with caption : "is typing...
~ 📆 - 181802
~ ⌚️ - 11:12 PM
~ 🎼 - seventeen - clap
• ♡
;; bts in onesies makes me happy :)) 💛
okay lol" - 1717389333117753456
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is typing... 💛 ~ 📆 - 181802 ~ ⌚️ - 11:12 PM ~ 🎼 - seventeen - clap • ♡ ;; bts in onesies makes me happy :)) 💛 - okay lol my sister is blasting energetic by wanna one in the kitchen while making food 😂💛 this is just a part of jhope’s birthday post just because I didn’t have time to post it yesterday due to me going to a party to celebrate lunar new year 💍💛 also, I came home at 1 am and had a headache bc there’s always these kids who’ll nonstop follow you at the party (it’s mostly Vietnamese parties tho, @yn_yoongi you can probably relate LOL😂) but like, there’s was this one girl who was really cute but she would nonstop follow me and... put her face right in front of mine like sO UP CLOSE. I felt like I could get cockeyed any second... and that gave me a bit of a headache to like loOK AT HER FACE THAT CLOSE. and she would also give compliments to me nonstop like.. ‘You’re so pretty’ ‘You’re so beautiful’ ‘Omg i love your hair’ ‘I love your face’ .. HER SISTER AND HER WERE ALSO FIGHTING OVER ME AND PULLING ME, SAYING “SHES MINE!!” “NO SHES MINE!!” ... nobody helped me 🙃😂💛 - I’ll post a video edit later today with hoseok, vernon & seokmin to celebrate their birthday since it’s their birthday now here :)) ~ • ♡ comment "🥀" to be a part of my tag list and comment "🍩" to be removed✨

BTS FMV♥🔥 (@btssexyfmv) Instagram Profile Photo btssexyfmv



BTS~ARMY🇹🇷 (@bts_yoonkookie) Instagram Profile Photo bts_yoonkookie



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İyik doğdun Ceeeyhooppp. Bangtan ve ARMY'lerin Umudu, güzel adam, tipini, sesini, rapini, gülüşünü, kalbini, herşeyini, seni çok seviyoruz ve hep sevicez.😍😍 -MelKook -CenYoon . . görmesini istediğiniz arkadaşınızı etiketleyin .takip etmeyi unutmayın 😊 .daha fazlası için takip edin= @bts_yoonkookie . (BEĞENMEYİ, YORUM YAPMAYI VE KAYDETMEYİ UNUTMAYINIZ 🤗) (İzinsiz [Ç]almayın 🙏) #sugabts

image by SpringSmile (@_spring9smile_) with caption : "Happy birthday JHope !!! (Part 2)" - 1717386479220927462
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Happy birthday JHope !!! (Part 2)