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Mr Trouble (@mrtrouble) Instagram Profile Photo mrtrouble

Mr Trouble

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DAY 296 . After the shambles that was my workout yesterday, thought it best to get reacquainted with an old friend the @rxsmartgear skipping rope. Cooked up a little mashup workout. The burn was real on this one and was good to mix the skipping with the weights, will definitely be doing more of this. . WORKOUT Tabata 1 Skipping - basic Landmine press . Tabata 2 Skipping - high knees Overhead press . Tabata 3 Skipping - freestyle Bicep curls . 🔊@filthygears - Duck Duck Goose . #snapfitness

Abbey Jessop (@abbey_jessop) Instagram Profile Photo abbey_jessop

Abbey Jessop

Cable high rows! One of my fav back exercises!! For this I like to use the close grip and contract/squeeze through my lats for two seconds and emphasis the essentric phase of the lift for around 3 -4 seconds! When it comes to training lot of people hit a plateau after following the same training regime for weeks on end! The fact is, your body gets use to the same stimulus over time! Instead of just changing to a different exercise or just increasing the weight, try changing to a harder variation, a different force of gravity, a more open-chain movement, a different contraction eg isometric, a compound movement, changing your TUT (time under tension) essentric loading, triset, superset or giant setting, different methods of loading etc! Changing this up in your workout regime will stimulate your muscles and prevent any adaption and progress plateau! This is why with all of my clients I prescribe them brand new nutrition and training at least 1x per month 😊🔥 Feel free to message me if you’re needing any guidance if it’s with your training or nutrition! I’m more than happy to help 😊💯

Dr. Avi Islur (@drislur) Instagram Profile Photo drislur

Dr. Avi Islur

***🎥 Turn Your Audio On 🎥 *** to hear the details of this Breast Augmentation Transformation with Implants. This is a 45 year old patient who came in to see me because she wanted natural looking results, more volume, and a full profile with better shape. During her initial consultation we discussed her aesthetic goals and surgical options in detail. Together, we decided on Breast Augmentation with 375 cc moderate profile plus breast implants (by Mentor) to give her the results she desired. These before & after photos were taken 2 months apart. *If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, check out my website to learn more about your surgical options (link in bio). Feel free to call if you have any questions, my Patient Coordinator is more than happy to help ☎️ 204.813.0305

Silverthorne Snap Fitness (@silverthorne_snap_fitness) Instagram Profile Photo silverthorne_snap_fitness

Silverthorne Snap Fitness

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Look at the slow motion curl! Slowly getting through this cold week! . . . fitness