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Rajput Vishal (@doubtcounter268) Instagram Profile Photo doubtcounter268

Rajput Vishal

image by Rajput Vishal (@doubtcounter268) with caption : "#Study#Learn#Score#Grow#Doubt#mathematics#science 
New video on Arithmetic Progression.... Go and watch. If you like thi" - 1739866400167357673
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#science New video on Arithmetic Progression.... Go and watch. If you like this video then share it with your friends and relatives. Link:- Subcribe our channel to watch our videos first

Raphaël Zwier (@raf_z76) Instagram Profile Photo raf_z76

Raphaël Zwier

Anyone in for a treat? Welcome to our playground😄! This is were a group of 16 dedicated instrument makers provide their excellent engineering and machining skills to progress scientific research. We cover a wide range of machining capabilities and everyone has the possibility to learn each and every machine if needed. Later this year there will be a job opening! #science

Carlemi Calitz (@carlemicalitz) Instagram Profile Photo carlemicalitz

Carlemi Calitz

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Its not a job or chore if you love what you do! Its a passion. What did you do on your public holiday? My colleague and I spent it in the lab. Trying to beat cancer one spheroid at a time! #science

ElephantVoices (@elephantvoices) Instagram Profile Photo elephantvoices


everyone - in our previous post we wrote that gf0079 from the Mabenzi family was in oestrus and being chased by males. 🐘 As you can see from these photographs, she was mounted (though it was not a successful mating) by non-musth male, gm0045 - the male with the weird tusk. Viajante, who is older, larger and was in musth, did not like this at all, and came charging over and literally knocked gm0045 off. There was a lot of commotion and the Mabenzi family became very excited - as you can see in the background. The oestrous female, gf0079, seem to be quite chuffed that Viajante rescued her from the younger fellow. For those interested: Viajante means “the traveler” or “the wanderer” in Portuguese. We named him Viajante during a previous musth period when he was really cruising around on the trail of females. • Want to learn more about elephant behavior? Visit our website or click the link in our bio. 🐘 • #science

Muhammed Musa Topal (@musa.571) Instagram Profile Photo musa.571

Muhammed Musa Topal