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‘The Shock of the New’ a fashion story shot at Rose Seidler House for Australian Style Issue 13 Stylist Hair and Makeup #roberthughes


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‘The Shock of the New’ a fashion story shot at Rose Seidler House for Australian Style Issue 13 Stylist Hair and Makeup #roberthughes


Mumbling Putty Face. . . #roberthughes

manchmal 😎 manchmal 😇 (@andy_ama.tsubuu) Instagram Profile Photo andy_ama.tsubuu

manchmal 😎 manchmal 😇

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🏖 a beach 🌊 wipe to see the other pics 👉 🌞 ''THE FATAL SHORE'' a history of the transportation of convicts to Australia 1787-1868 by Robert Hughes The Folio Society ⛵ beach=shore? The dark hours of mankind seems to be endless. ⛱ Grünklee Jemanden oder etwas über den grünen Klee loben... Ich kann mir vorstellen, wie begeistert man von der Idee war, unliebsamen Menschenmüll einfach ans Ende der Welt zu deportieren. Eventuell hatte derjenige nur einen Apfel gestohlen. Auch Kinder waren nicht sicher vor diesem Urteil. Was man da mit den Menschen gemacht hatte, war nur grausam. homo homini lupus 😒 #roberthughes

Gareth Mason (@mudfondler) Instagram Profile Photo mudfondler

Gareth Mason

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D a u b . “Extracting an educated pleasure from the babyish joys of daubing.” — Robert Hughes (on Howard Hodgkin). . ‘Daubing’. A lumpen, inelegant little word. Clumsy. Unsophisticated. An insult even, possessing none of the intellectual cut and thrust of proper ‘critical discourse’. Like Robert Hughes, I am all for the discerning deployment of grubby little words. I love the ugly ones, the distasteful ones, even the banished ones. . I am a master of daubing. A proud dauber. An unapologetic daubist. A dribbler too. And a smearer. A stain-maker. A scratcher and sniffer. A poker, prodder, scraper and smudger. A splatterer and chucker. A puddler and pooler. A rubber and eraser and layerer. A labourer, digger and scuffer. A pusher, puller and polisher, a damager-of-goods. A gouger, squelcher and squidger. A puncturer, bodger, repairer and patcher. An interferer and fanatical fiddler. A labour-of-love lover. An over-worker and a leaver-alone. A basher, smasher, bender and buckler. A moulder and mulcher. A touchist. And a builder. A Mudfondler, through and through. . No word is unworthy. I want words that work as hard as clay, that are as slippery and malleable as the noble mud itself. . On the subject of which, how do you describe those moments when you encounter a mischievous little hole that simply . refuses . to be filled? . . . #roberthughes

Kevin Blakely (@5boys2015) Instagram Profile Photo 5boys2015

Kevin Blakely

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ROADTRIPPN......class of 93' Dunbar Wildcats Basketball team getting honored in San Antonio.....My homies 4LIFE!! 😂👌🏾#roberthughes