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Monarch Gardens, Benjamin Vogt (@monarchgardensbenjaminvogt) Instagram Profile Photo monarchgardensbenjaminvogt

Monarch Gardens, Benjamin Vogt


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Mowed down the mini meadow. Only 2 mower bags worth. Left a few areas intact for varied habitat and to see how they grow compared to mowed area. Took 30 minutes. Alas, I was the first mower of the season, but I am done for 12 months. #pollinatorhero

sharon freeman (@sharon4nature) Instagram Profile Photo sharon4nature

sharon freeman


Interactive monarch tree at the ROM. Dedication to the Urquharts (Canadians) who spent 39 years researching where Monarchs go, with the help of citizen scientists. If you spot this egg on a milkweed, keep it safe and feel blessed that you have witnessed a potential survivor of a threatened species. It has been reported that the Monarchs are starting to leave the sanctuaries in Mexico to begin their challenging trek northward. These monarchs will only make it as far as the Southern States where they will lay eggs and die. It will take 2 more generations to make it back to Canada depending on weather and food supply. #pollinatorhero


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Happy Monday 💛 @natgeo (@get_repost) ・・・ Video by @joelsartore | On this , you can learn how to help the beautiful monarch. . Go to @joelsartore to see the full #pollinatorhero video! . The monarch butterfly is a declining species that we can save together by pledging not to use herbicides and pesticides on our lawns, and by planting milkweed for butterflies to lay their eggs on. Go to @joelsartore and click the link in my bio to order your milkweed seeds and partially grown plants called ‘stems’ and then plant them and post a picture to instagram using #pollinatorhero to accept the challenge of saving the monarch. Be a pollinator hero by spreading the word to others that monarchs need our help! Lets all take part and see what we can . Shot at @Audubonsociety insectarium. Hope to catch you at June 15-18 in Washington D.C.! . .