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image by EmmArt (@emmst_art_gram) with caption : "WIP - another concept for the @twitterartexhibit (raising $ for @pegasusrda_act). #pegasus #horse #watercolor #postcard" - 1717054998770211971
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WIP - another concept for the @twitterartexhibit (raising $ for @pegasusrda_act). #pegasus

Tracy Benitez 🐎🐐🐓🐾 (@feathers_and_fur77) Instagram Profile Photo feathers_and_fur77

Tracy Benitez 🐎🐐🐓🐾

image by Tracy Benitez 🐎🐐🐓🐾 (@feathers_and_fur77) with caption : "Still make me laugh. 😂 #sillyjokes #pegasus #sillysenseofhumour" - 1717050306409623731
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Still make me laugh. 😂 #pegasus

Jaime Ricciardi (@jaimericciardi) Instagram Profile Photo jaimericciardi

Jaime Ricciardi

image by Jaime Ricciardi (@jaimericciardi) with caption : "*Dianthus shook himself off of the morning dew, then grunted at his now fuzzy fur*
-Our tracker must have fled because o" - 1717049528785653171
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*Dianthus shook himself off of the morning dew, then grunted at his now fuzzy fur* -Our tracker must have fled because of your unbearable adorableness- *Birch mocked, coming out of the then. Dianthus just rolled his eyes at him, used to the deer's morning greetings* -What tracker?- *Cassidy tweeted pushing her head out of the burrow soon after* -Your prince in shining coat watched over you the all night long, Cass- *Birch said in a teasingly tone* -I'm just going to ignore you, Birch- *Dianthus replied flatly. Cassidy fluttered her eyes at the two, still dizzy from the sleep. "What did that dream mean now?" Dianthus wondered as he bit down on a blade of grass. "Remain true to would that help me find you, Leirion?" He hadn't finished the thought that a something catched his eye and one fraction of second later his horn flashed a white beam into nothingness and a surprised, pained 'squee' followed* -That was one step too close!- *Dianthus roared leaping forward. Birch and Cassidy weren't able to blink that the unicorn had engaged a chase with...something invisible? * okay, furball?- *Birch asked, worried that his friend had gone nuts all of sudden. Dianthus reminded of a cat chasing his own shadow* -I'll be okay when this rat will show itself!- *Cassidy was about to say something when she saw scratches appear on Dianthus'coat and gasped. Something was indeed hurting him* -That furball knows how to put up a fight, uhu- *The stag stated, impressed. Cassidy wing bumped him* -Go help him!- -I think he's doing just fine on his own- *Dianthus shot a final beam and the other two saw him relax a bit* -It's gone..- *Dianthus panted trying to catch his breath. Cassidy ran to him* -Dianthus are you....hurt?- *His scratches were gone* -Cassidy stay close to me, Birch be careful- -Aye, captain- -Let's get out of here- #pegasus