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Malcolm Prince (@malprin) Instagram Profile Photo malprin

Malcolm Prince


Raya Sinha (@poesy20) Instagram Profile Photo poesy20

Raya Sinha

image by Raya Sinha (@poesy20) with caption : "#poetoftheworld #lostfriends" - 1742280176761185126
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Crystal Karvings (@crystal_karvings) Instagram Profile Photo crystal_karvings

Crystal Karvings

image by Crystal Karvings (@crystal_karvings) with caption : "Waiting...
...for a reunion

One winter mid-day,
I climbed up to the attic.
The snow dropped down out gradually,
It felt" - 1742253672636375178
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Waiting... ...for a reunion One winter mid-day, I climbed up to the attic. The snow dropped down out gradually, It felt like I was in the Arctic. Making may way through the mess, I ruled out a plan to get the dust off this place. But the plan underwent drastic change, When I saw a box named 'Memory Palace'. I opened the old dusty box, Throwing away the broom and mop, It had all of my old toys, my crafts, And a 'Star-Sky Guild' top. I pick the old piece of cloth, Still bright inspite of the dust. It belonged to every member of my childhood friend circle, And wearing it back then was a must. We, used to go on treks back then, Into the forest and hills towards east. Bird watching, skygazing, running after butterflies, And fishing was our feast. We also had that small tree house there, With that huge balcony at its West. After the all days fun, That served as our base to rest. Pulling pranks, bunking lectures, going out altogether, We even witnessed the emotions of joy n sorrow. But then a wizard of life hypnotised us, And our careers compelled our friendship to get borrow. We went on our ways, Unaware what we were about to leave behind The guild was closed, Looking the memories in the corners of our mind. But before we parted, We sat at that balcony for the last. We bidding goodbyes, We made a vow to treasure our past. And we promised to come back, To rebuild our little union. Still today after long decades, I'm waiting... For that reunion. #lostfriends Tags:@_feel_the_quotes_ @thescripted_stories @thinkers_and_writers @those_fading_moments @my_sterious_quotes