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image by Kashmir (@metalmaidyn) with caption : "FINALLY made the leap and got some #prejym 😍 #onestepatatime #jymarmy" - 1739109563552981380
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FINALLY made the leap and got some 😍 #jymarmy

Will Kucharek (@wills_and_deals) Instagram Profile Photo wills_and_deals

Will Kucharek


image by Will Kucharek (@wills_and_deals) with caption : "Little #arms action with the #SwoleMate #JYM #JYMArmy #TeamJYM #JYMLife #ISYMFS #IronAddict MF #WillPower 🤘💪" - 1739049121535743362
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Little action with the Army MF 🤘💪


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Who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts! Week 6 day 1 all done for ! Now for a good long stretch. #jymarmy

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Was messing around with the trying to figure out settings and ways to use it then notice...oh luk, veins! 😆 grin....and dat hair is gettin long ? #JYMArmy

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13 months down complete, and getting closer and closer to where I want to be. Weighing in at 255 currently for a total of 108lbs lost. Still kicking up the cardio, but keeping strength fairly well. Side note: 2XL shirt is getting loose on me, I literally got this shirt 2 weeks ago, so I guess things are getting pretty serious. Set goals, adapt, and conquer 🤙🏻💯💪🏻 army

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Chest and biceps work on international chest day!! And my post workout sustenance!! #jymarmy