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- RAISYA PUTRI AZQIA (@raisya_azqia98) Instagram Profile Photo raisya_azqia98




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People have told me I look like I belong to a royal family because of my looks. What they donโ€™t know is I really do belong to a royal family. I am the Prince of Busan, Park Jimin ___________________________ Prince Park Jimin was born and raised in a kingdom in Busan. Since he was little, the servants and workers in the castle taught the young child what he needed to do and how he had to prepare for the day he was to become king. His mother passed away when he was born, or so he was told, and his father was a stern and intimidating man that was almost never seen. He was off doing duties or cooped up in his royal bedroom. __________________________ Jimin wasnโ€™t allowed to leave the kingdom but he would often sneak out because he was always curious of life outside the palace walls. When Jimin was 19, he had the opportunity to go to a real school. By now he would be entering college life. His school was in America. He would attend college for 4 years and then return home in time to prepare for his ceremony to become king of Busan. _________________________ He instantly made many friends and passed all of his classes in his first year of being there. He had to keep his secret of being a prince no matter what. He even had to dye his hair black/brown to disguise his rare grey hair color. In reality, he enjoyed the โ€œnormalโ€ life much more than the royal life. He loved to sing and dance and hang out with friends instead of fencing, etiquettes lessons, being trapped between walls. He was even considering to stay forever but he knew that would be a bit impossible since he did have at least one undercover bodyguard somewhere hiding. ____________________________________ { }