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Crying shame when that happens. Deadlift is life!

Tyler George (@tg_lifts85) Instagram Profile Photo tg_lifts85

Tyler George

First pic was before spring break... all the others are post. I was out of the gym for a week in Florida and one could easily say not doing my body any good🤷🏼‍♂️ but being back in the gym today I didn’t miss a step still just as strong if not feeling even better because my body needed some time off. Time to get ready for summer. Time to really get these abs too show! Let’s work👊🏼 #isymfs

Денис Воронов (@voronov_den) Instagram Profile Photo voronov_den

Денис Воронов

Давно ничего не выкладывал🤙🏻 Треня залетела отлично🔥💣 #isymfs