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DCI Mildred Mittens (@dci_mildred_mittens) Instagram Profile Photo dci_mildred_mittens

DCI Mildred Mittens

CASTLE CEILIDH CAPER Chapter 10: Conclusion . I have gathered you all here in my suite @glenappcastle to share with you the successful conclusion of the Castle Ceilidh Caper. . After seeing Haddington Hare stash a bag in the gazebo, I waited patiently in the apple tree. After half an hour, Blanche the deaf Scottish Fold cat arrived, dropped the bagpipes into the gazebo, picked up the bag and prepared to scarper. That is when I, DCI Mildred Mittens of Scotland Yard, pounced (aided by my PA @jet_set_jill . I brought Blanche into the castle, where she confessed all, and told me where to find Haddington Hare - m beneath the rhododendron bush by the lake. . I captured him and they told me their sorry tails. . Haddington Hare has endured Bruce the Badger’s bagpipes practice for years - and he couldn’t take it any more. He pleaded with Bruce - his next door neighbour in the pretty Scottish Borders town of Haddington - to abandon the instrument. But Bruce said the pipes had been handed down through the generations, and although he even hated the sound of them, he felt obliged to keep playing them, no matter how badly. . Haddington Hare met Blanche, the deaf white Scottish Fold cat, at the pub near @aikwood_tower, where there was soon to be a Ceilidh. Because Blanche is deaf, he knew she wouldn’t have to suffer the awful bagpipe noise if she went to the ceilidh. He told Laird and Lady Laidlaw that he couldn’t make it, but asked if his English cousin Blanche could attend instead. . Because Haddington Hare used to own @aikwood_tower he knew all the secret passages, including the one between the Games Room and the Wizard Room, so he told Blanche how she might nick the noisy pipes. . Blanche had once stayed @glenappcastle on a romantic getaway with Jock the constable Terrier, her former beau from Selkirk, so she thought it would be the perfect place for the drop. . She offered to steal the pipes in exchange for a year’s worth of salmon. . Haddington Hare dropped the goods, Blanche brought the pipes, and I nabbed them all. . But now I have a dilemma. Should I return the pipes to Bruce, who felt obliged to play them but actually hated them? Or “lose” them at Glenapp?

KFC the cat (@kfc_the_cat) Instagram Profile Photo kfc_the_cat

KFC the cat

image by KFC the cat (@kfc_the_cat) with caption : "sunday... its time to me and my momy!! #KFCthecat #siamesecat #siamesekittens #kucingsiam #instacatsgram" - 1737951200898205708
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sunday... its time to me and my momy!! #instacatsgram