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C O A C H J E N N S H A W 🌻 (@coachjennshaw) Instagram Profile Photo coachjennshaw

C O A C H J E N N S H A W 🌻


Working on phasing out the purple💜 from my hair... my amor has done what I needed, and now it's time to hang it up!🙌 I am no longer in battle... I have moved past that section of my life... if you're just tuning in to my story, let me explain....👉 just 7 months ago, our whole lives were turned upside down by #HurricaneHarvey 💦 we lost over 75% of our belongings, home.. diginity.... we spent a month living in a hotel🏢 before we, as a family, went back to stay with my mom in Ohio to get our bearings. I knew, when I arrived in Ohio, I was going to need something to protect me.🚧.. if this makes any sense, I needed something to focus👀 on, other than the hurricane recovery process itself... I knew I was going to need something fierce, to have with me at all times that would show I never back down from a challenge!!👊👅 And coloring my hair purple seemed to be just that!!! AANND I LOVED IT!!!💕 It was so me! And I did feel badass, and like no one could hurt me anymore than I already was...↪ I really thought of it as my armor💪... then over the months, we finally reconvened as a family in The Florida Keys🌴 (this was a process in itself...😥) So, finally, I feel now, it is time to let go of the purple, it is time to let my guard go... and take on my new island life🏝 identity!!! (Plus with the salt water and hot sun, the color doesn't stay for anything!!!😏) So, I've been using a purple color balancing shampoo to try and strip the purple from my hair... it is time to step up into my new reality, with no barriers⚠️ and no guard... I want to step back into my natural color and natural life!🤙 I'm so ready for this next journey of our lives, and just really lay the hurricane💨 situation up with the rest of the battles I have won!!🏆 Shedding everything that is no longer me, and stepping up into everything new around me! ✌ . Side note.... hair stylist friends💁🏼‍♀️... any suggestions on how to make this go smoother would be greatly appreciated! 😘😜✂️ .

Flowers On The Park (@fopwoodbury) Instagram Profile Photo fopwoodbury

Flowers On The Park


Instagram Image by Flowers On The Park (@fopwoodbury) with caption : "Better late than never! Happy Puppy Day! #puppyday #dogsofinstagram #flowersonthepark #bestfriend #rescuedog #boxerbeagl" at Flowers on the Park - 1742090938514626923

Better late than never! Happy Puppy Day! #hurricaneharvey

image by Yang (@youngthelee) with caption : "It’s incredible how close strangers can become when they go through the same powerful experience. In the first day of th" - 1742025545414875326
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It’s incredible how close strangers can become when they go through the same powerful experience. In the first day of the 2018 , attendees arrived from across the US- and across Tzu Chi USA’s 9 regions- to the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation-Southern Region to learn how to better build a strong “bodhisattva family” after disaster. Following powerful presentations on the devastation left by #HurricaneHarvey, attendees were encouraged to share their most impactful moments in volunteering as an icebreaker. After sharing, they sent paper airplanes- with a written piece of themselves inside- across the room to another attendee. How beautiful it was to see the joy of that moment, and how wonderful to know that many of those present, who entered as strangers, will end this day as friends. Good night, , and see you in the morning!! Follow our updates at

Let's Fishing (@lffishingus) Instagram Profile Photo lffishingus

Let's Fishing

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I love fishing, camping,hiking and kayaking. It's my life! Stay safe and be careful out there ^_^ 🐻 ! We had the pleasure of working with Vance on a photo shoot this summer and he is matching up to $50,000 in donations for Hurricane Harvey. Check it out. @vancemcdonald89 ・・・ Through the announcement of our new journey to Pittsburgh we hope to bring the focus to our family & friends that are in desperate need of our help in Texas. My wife & I are matching every dollar you give up to $50,000. This directly helps my hometown in Winnie, Texas & other cities hit by the devastating flooding of #hurricaneharvey We assure that Convoy of Hope is an organization that you can trust, that is on the ground in Texas right now with real help. We challenge you to donate & share this message. Link is in my bio. Follow @lffishingus for more videos if you like to see the new products, click the link in my bio !! 📲 Via @bassfishingnation

We Are The Xclusive All-Stars (@xclusiveallstars) Instagram Profile Photo xclusiveallstars

We Are The Xclusive All-Stars

image by We Are The Xclusive All-Stars (@xclusiveallstars) with caption : "When you have the baddest guy in the building by your side! #hurricaneharvey #xclusiveallstars #Season5BringIt" - 1741921168372669029
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When you have the baddest guy in the building by your side! #hurricaneharvey