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image by @murray_thegsd with caption : "🔅Transition to Raw - Week 3🔅
We’ve just finished week three of Murray’s raw transition. This week we introduced beef a"- 1763522772455295685
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🔅Transition to Raw - Week 3🔅 • We’ve just finished week three of Murray’s raw transition. This week we introduced beef as his new protein and slowly (5g increments) added in his first secreting organ-liver. We were a little worried he wouldn’t like liver, because I’ve heard a lot of dogs don’t. Lucky for us, Murray isn’t one of them! He was un-phased by it and continued to gobble up every meal 💙 • We have noticed a few new changes this week: 🐕 He finally seems to be gaining some weight 🐕More focuses and aware 🐕His fur seems softer and shinier (this could just be from all the sun we’ve been getting lately 🙌🏼☀️) • We continue to see: 🔹Decreased thirst 🔹Smaller 💩 🔹Excited at meal time and still eating all of his food 🔹More content overall • This coming week will be his 4th and final (🤞🏻) transition week. We are introducing pork as his new protein and beef kidney as his second secreting organ. We will slowly increase the amount of kidney (5g increments again) throughout the week. If he handles the offal well, he will have his first, fully balanced raw meal next Monday! We hope to add a variety of meats to each of his meals from then on out! • For dinner tonight: 🐄Beef - steak and burger 🐓Chicken wing 🦌Elk liver 🐐Raw goats milk bone • • 🌿Discount Codes 🌿 @thewoofgangshop 🔹Murray10 @urbanhoundco 🔹 MURRAY10 • 🐾Pawtners 🐾 @konabearthegsd @otto.thegsd @rylie_thegsd @bronsonthegsd @enzo_albus_gsd @lucyb_thegsd @dukee.the.gsd • • puppy @dogsonadventures @dogoftheday__ @dogsthathike

👻 samkuchziegler (@samkuchziegler) Instagram Profile Photo samkuchziegler

👻 samkuchziegler

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Happy 1st birthday to the most sweetest, loyal, and lovable little shepherd around 🎁🎂🎈 I think it’s safe to say that everyone needs a Riley in their life 🐶❤️ puppy

Julián Ariza Mahecha (@jamtravelph) Instagram Profile Photo jamtravelph

Julián Ariza Mahecha

Instagram Image by Julián Ariza Mahecha (@jamtravelph) with caption : "1 mes después 😍😍😍 #animalphoto #milothegsd #Milo #germansheperd #gsdpuppy" at Hayuelos Centro Comercial - 1763520621987075247

1 mes después 😍😍😍 #gsdpuppy

image by Finnegan (@finnegan_gram) with caption : "Enjoying the sun and studying my shadow 🌞 #inquisitive #happysunday #germanshepherd #dogsofinstagram #gsdpuppy" - 1763519767170709969
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Enjoying the sun and studying my shadow 🌞 #gsdpuppy

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Nothing but love for this girl 💕 puppy