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BigBootyJudy (@bigbootyjudie8) Instagram Profile Photo bigbootyjudie8



image by BigBootyJudy (@bigbootyjudie8) with caption : "#godspeed #safetravels #goingtogoodwill #verynice" - 1698922524481358670
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image by cherylstoddard (@mrsmermaid64) with caption : "Decided to retire this little wreath today. It’s been hanging on the coat closet door for the last 8 yrs after I taught " - 1698007655408474710
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Decided to retire this little wreath today. It’s been hanging on the coat closet door for the last 8 yrs after I taught a class using scrapbook paper for other projects... #goingtogoodwill


Here’s a non-scale victory for ya - this was my favorite skirt pre-weight loss and it’s a size 16. Now even my size 6 pants are a little loose. . Clothes shopping used to be something that really sucked. Stylish cloths don’t come in your size, or they do and they don’t fit right. It’s expensive - clothes from stores like H & M and Forever21 don’t really work. Bras are SO expensive. Your wardrobe is repetitive but also a clusterf*ck – you find one thing that works and then just buy it in every color, or you buy whatever fits, not necessarily what is your style. Cotton shirts may not fit your arms or wont button over your boobs, shorts ride up, pants dig in, even when they’re the right size. I just remember feeling uncomfortable in my clothes 90% of the time unless they were stretchy. . Now I go shopping and am usually shocked by how something that never would have worked for me before just fits and looks great. I’ve suddenly realized that I do have a personal style and certain preferences, and its changed. Before every piece of clothing I bought I used to hide my body, now all I want to do is show it off. . I’ve lost a total of 73 lbs since I bought this skirt. It’s taken time, consistency, and dedication, but it hasn’t felt hard. I’m getting rid of 3 trash bags full of old clothes because its 2018 and it’s time to say goodbye to them for good. Weight loss is truly WILD. . Hope you’re having a wonder Saturday!

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Out with the old and in with the new year!! Family resolution - purge, clean, and organize!! #goingtogoodwill