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Kyleigh Moldovan (@kyleigh_moldovan) Instagram Profile Photo kyleigh_moldovan

Kyleigh Moldovan

image by Kyleigh Moldovan (@kyleigh_moldovan) with caption : "I’ve got my early morning game face on 😂 But seriously, everyone’s always hearing this whole #trusttheprocess thing, and" - 1741387451317239281
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I’ve got my early morning game face on 😂 But seriously, everyone’s always hearing this whole thing, and actually, it’s true. What you see right here is a person who literally wanted to give up time and time again because “the scale wasn’t budging,” “I’m not seeing any progress at all,” “my body isn’t responding to prep,” blah blah blah. All excuses if you ask me. I’m human, and my weight has always been a struggle for me for YEARS! Body dysmorphia is a thing, and there ARE times when I still see myself as the “overweight fat girl.” . I’ve battled the start of cancer, I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS which makes it hard to lose weight, and for the past year, I’ve been dealing with multiple HRT treatments that cause my hormones levels to go up and down (which affects my weight) and I’ve batted body dysmorphia where I think I weigh more than I actually do. What I’m not realizing is my clothes are fitting more loose, I’m seeing muscle definition that I haven’t seen before, and my body is feeling 100 times better from being on HRT. I now see myself as someone who wanted to give up, but hasn’t. For almost 8 years, I’ve wanted to step on stage and compete; however, each time I entered prep, my body did the opposite of what I wanted it to do. Not this time, though! I’m working WITH my body so it will work with me. And many thanks to @avatarnutrition for making me@believe in the power of . And hey! It may be TMI for some, and that’s okay! I’m not one to disclose personal information about myself to anyone—I’m actually a very private person. But I’m putting this out there in hopes of inspiring someone who’s dealing with the same struggles, and that YOU CAN DO IT, TOO! Just NEVER. GIVE. UP! . Everything you’ve ever wanted is one step outside your comfort zone! Stay flexing, my friends 💪🏼 . #glutes @bodybuildingcom @optimumnutrition

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One of my clients working on that posterior chain this morning. We are targeting the glutes with the addition of a band trying to pull the knee inward. We’ve gone through a number of lower body exercises with this inward force on the knee. I’ve been referring to it as my “anti-valgus” series. Helping to ensure a healthy stable knee position. #glutes