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LEG DAY Love it or hate it, you can't skip leg day! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If your legs are an area of your body you want to work on, create an EFFECTIVE training stimulus! This can be a simple as upping your training frequency for this muscle group. Try upping your training sessions to two per week instead of just one or one if your skipping leg day 😜 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I recommend if you have not trained legs twice before in one week, split the sessions up to target different muscle fibres AND... keep it simple! (You can incorporate different training techniques down the track, once your body has adapted to this type of training volume) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BASIC EXAMPLE- 5xExercises per session, 3-4 sets. 1xHeavy day, 4-8reps per exercise per set. 1xLight day, 8-20reps per exercise per set. EXERCISES- Squats, lunges, split squat, leg press, leg extension, RDL or "stiff leg" deadlifts and leg curls (standing, seated or laying). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm onto my second exercise during my session here and 4/5 sets deep! These weighted walking lunges (20kg) consisted of 30 steps followed by a super set of body weight Julian smith style sissy squats. (Expect to sweat 💦😂) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's not leg day without wearing @musclenationofficial signature squat shorts in grey. My favourite gym shorts, I highly recommend grabbing yourself a pair! -Fabricated with performance fabric -Flexible (something you need on leg day) -Wide range of colours.

Mckenzie Thompson (@mckenzie.jolayne) Instagram Profile Photo mckenzie.jolayne

Mckenzie Thompson

image by Mckenzie Thompson (@mckenzie.jolayne) with caption : "Planned to get a workout in today with @juwls15 at the new @goodlifefitness in Fort Saskatchewan. After the 40 minute dr" - 1718714065959965350
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Planned to get a workout in today with @juwls15 at the new @goodlifefitness in Fort Saskatchewan. After the 40 minute drive there, walking in the front door and seeing the turn stiles, we found out our barcodes weren't accepted for some reason. This new gym is unstaffed overnight so there was no one around to help us, and no advertising for this new method. It was beyond frustrating. So we opted for appies and beer instead and found out we matched our shirts today without planning it.

▪️A Vegan Menu by Timo 🌱 (@raw_health_fitness) Instagram Profile Photo raw_health_fitness

▪️A Vegan Menu by Timo 🌱

image by ▪️A Vegan Menu by Timo 🌱 (@raw_health_fitness) with caption : "Chia smoothie! @addictedtodates" - 1718715883873139718
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Chia smoothie! @addictedtodates

image by Sam French (@sam_bodycoach) with caption : "What's in your post workout shake ??
Bulk shake vs shredding shake
Both healt" - 1670997277971076546
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What's in your post workout shake ?? Bulk shake vs shredding shake ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Both healthy, both used for a purpose. First of all when it comes to anything to do with your nutrition, you have to have direction. Do you want to gain muscle mass ? Or do you want to shed un-wanted body fat ? Once you have your direction, it's now time to implement a strategy to get you to your end goal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you want to get bigger or build more muscle mass, you want to be in a calorie surplus (have more energy coming into your body than what you burn daily! refer to my "back to basics nutrition - energy in vs energy out post if your not quiet following along). The shake on the left is an ideal, high calorie, high protein, high healthy fat, high carb meal to have post workout. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If getting leaner is your goal, then you want to be in a Calorie deficit (have less energy coming into your body than what you burn daily). The shake on the right is an ideal low calorie, low fat, low carb, high protein meal to have post workout. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As you can see we have two completely different shakes (in terms of calories/ macro-nutrient build up), with two different purposes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My point is KNOW YOUR DIRECTION! Don't just consume something without thinking about it... remember when it comes to making a change to your body, nutrition makes up 70-80% of your results! So if I have one tip, it is to take full advantage of every meal 😁👊🏼✅

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image by PUSHP RAJDEV (@thedappertrend) with caption : "metallic hues" - 1718715788427543495
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metallic hues