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sm paid me to love exo 😤👌💦 (@softyeoll) Instagram Profile Photo softyeoll

sm paid me to love exo 😤👌💦


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This is for the good... honestly im so sad and currently crying. What are we going to do: - hope for suho to apologize - waiting for his apology letter to EVERYONE - hope he’ll be careful next time - apologize for the misunderstanding and accusing other fandoms - close our eyes and hope for the best What we’re NOT going to do: - defend suho’s actions only because he’s a part of exo - hate on suho - disrespect suho - ruin exo’s career - unstan exo and suho I am so sorry to the people i started arguments with. I cant deny that what he did was wrong. But im going to do it in the mature way. I do admit idols make mistakes too and i hope that we all can still support EXO. Dont be disappointed, let’s all just hope he’ll realize! To our lovely leader Kim Junmyeon, we still love you. We EXO-Ls are always here for you. We correct each other’s mistakes. . Again, i am very sorry for the wrong information and the short clip. We were not aware as well. Suho is not a problematic person, i promise. I believe he’ll change. . EXO-Ls! Stay strong, we can do this and face this. Dont join arguments or defend junmyeon. We lost already, there is nothing to defend. Lets just hope for the best and look forward to CBX’s comeback!

ZhangYixing👑 (@layexovid) Instagram Profile Photo layexovid



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Yixing with babies is my weakness 🙀❤ — #EXO

61 🚫 (@cyeol._) Instagram Profile Photo cyeol._

61 🚫

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😍😍💘 . . . . #exo

image by double88 (@jong_in_kim) with caption : "#mlbcrew #mlbcap #exo" - 1739289773603780299
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