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Konnectwithshaddee (@konnect_tv) Instagram Profile Photo konnect_tv


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||Daily inspiration||Episode 35||THE UNIVERSE WAS CREATED TO HELP YOU. - So today on on Star FM 101.5 (By the way tune in every Monday from 3-4pm, there is a lot of value there). - We were talking about the "lazy youths of the federal republic of Nigeria". Apart from analysing the recent statement of the president, we also shared great insight on how a young person can find purpose and execute those dreams he has been blessed with. - Recall in the book of Genesis when God created man and put him in the garden. - I realised that God didn't make man for the garden, he created the garden for man, putting in it all he needed to achieve his purpose on earth. - Same goes as regards the universe, you have heard this statement that the universe conspires to help you fulfil your dreams... - Well, I say the universe was created to help you with your dream, same way God created the garden for man, he also created the universe with the capacity to help you with that vision. - So my " lazy youth", don't be scared of how big the vision is, all you need to do is start, God has already assigned helpers to assist you, just let the process do its work in you. - The universe was created to help you. - style

Alyssa Schoenberg (@alyssaschoenberg) Instagram Profile Photo alyssaschoenberg

Alyssa Schoenberg

Instagram Image by Alyssa Schoenberg (@alyssaschoenberg) with caption : "I was actually 4-5 tequila shots deep, and pretty drunk in this picture." at Azulik Tulum - 1763989965552197163
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I was actually 4-5 tequila shots deep, and pretty drunk in this picture.

Dudler Digital Media (@dudlerdmedia) Instagram Profile Photo dudlerdmedia

Dudler Digital Media

Instagram Image by Dudler Digital Media (@dudlerdmedia) with caption : "Ich meine, Mensch, was willst Du mehr?
Nichts." at Zürich, Switzerland - 1763989889551758703

Ich meine, Mensch, was willst Du mehr? Nichts.

image by Spencer Hull (@motivatethemasses18) with caption : "🏆" - 1763989528178546536
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Connections Small Bizz Journal (@connectmybizz) Instagram Profile Photo connectmybizz

Connections Small Bizz Journal

image by Connections Small Bizz Journal (@connectmybizz) with caption : "Certain steps have to be approved....." - 1763988242808919012
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Certain steps have to be approved.....