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image by Kat Ziemba (@voyagetovitality) with caption : "Holy holy holy, this is sooooo good! 😍 teriyaki jackfruit, chickpeas, corn, carrots, onion, and yellow pepper over a bow" - 1719829507295589080
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Holy holy holy, this is sooooo good! 😍 teriyaki jackfruit, chickpeas, corn, carrots, onion, and yellow pepper over a bowl of Thai style brown jasmine rice. Delicious 🌿🌞💚 #endcruelty


image by Kat Ziemba (@voyagetovitality) with caption : "I’ve been looking everywhere for jackfruit! So excited for this! 😍🌿🌙🌲🌞💚🌼🍀 #plantbased #vegan #hclfvegan #healthyvegan #v" - 1719802546645081097
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I’ve been looking everywhere for jackfruit! So excited for this! 😍🌿🌙🌲🌞💚🌼🍀 #endcruelty

🌱 SORGONE & ARHKAGE 🌱 (@dagtherobot) Instagram Profile Photo dagtherobot



image by 🌱 SORGONE & ARHKAGE 🌱 (@dagtherobot) with caption : "#endcruelty #animalrights #droitsdesanimaux" - 1719800517775627464
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I won't stay silent! (@_respect_for_animals_) Instagram Profile Photo _respect_for_animals_

I won't stay silent!

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When you poison mice, it’s not just the mouse who dies cruelly. These owls died. They were so sick, they could barely open their eyes and were too sick to keep fighting anymore. They had eaten a mouse that was poisoned, and it made them very sick. They closed their yellow eyes for the last time and went somewhere else. NEVER use poison to kill mice. Poison kills owls and mice in a horrible way. Let all animals live! People don't realize that when you poison a rat, you also poison the animal that feeds on rats. If it is really necessary to get rid of mice, live traps are the best to use. Catch and release. Save a precious life today, because all life is precious.🙏💕🌱 It only takes one share to spread the word. (Original post by Jeremiah Bennet.) - Wenn man Mäuse vergiftet, stirbt nicht nur die Maus grausam. Diese Eulen sind gestorben. Sie waren so krank, dass sie kaum ihre Augen öffnen konnten. Sie waren zu krank, um weiter zu kämpfen. Sie haben eine Maus gegessen, die vergiftet war. Dann schlossen sie ihre gelben Augen zum letzten Mal. Benutzt NIEMALS Gift, um Mäuse zu töten. Gift tötet Eulen und Mäuse auf schreckliche Art und Weise. Lasst die Tiere leben. Das Problem ist, dass die Leute nicht merken, dass wenn man eine Ratte vergiftet, man auch das Tier vergiftet, das sich von Ratten ernährt. Das bedeutet einen erheblichen Schaden für die Natur. Wenn es wirklich notwendig ist, Mäuse loszuwerden, sind Lebendfallen die beste Variante. Fangen und Freilassen. ✌ - #endcruelty

Jamie Collins Ⓥ (@colourbyjamie) Instagram Profile Photo colourbyjamie

Jamie Collins Ⓥ

image by Jamie Collins Ⓥ (@colourbyjamie) with caption : "Shame on #militantvegan activists like @joey_carbstrong @earthlinged @jamesaspey @ethically_elizabeth @thislittlevegan @" - 1719658427406668032
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Shame on activists like @joey_carbstrong @earthlinged @jamesaspey @ethically_elizabeth @thislittlevegan @carlytaylor269 @thesavemovement @weareveganuary @seashepherd @anonymousforthevoiceless @surgeactivism @paulbashir_av @skinnyveganfitness @seb.alex @mercyforanimals for defending animals! Can you not see that all farmers love and respect their animals?! But in all seriousness, there are a ridiculous number of “victim” farmers surfacing at the moment, and the people mentioned above ⬆️⬆️⬆️ are just a small group of the many incredible activists bringing the reality to the masses. Not all farmers are evil like those in the picture, and not all vegans are extremists. Many of the activists out there would love nothing more than to lead normal lives, not being compelled to dedicate themselves to fighting injustices. Just like I’m sure many farmers would love to earn a living from not having to murder the animals they raise. Maybe someday we will see this reality, but it takes times, sacrifice, and the efforts of incredible people. Please check out everyone tagged, and let some truth into your life. If you can’t face it, that should tell you everything you need to know about your choices ✌🏻🌱 Credit to @weirdveganlady for the screen grab 💚