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⭐ DoDo ⭐ ToDo ⭐ (@dodo_and_todo_fan) Instagram Profile Photo dodo_and_todo_fan

⭐ DoDo ⭐ ToDo ⭐

image by ⭐ DoDo ⭐ ToDo ⭐ (@dodo_and_todo_fan) with caption : "В первом голосовании выбыло фото @dorofeeva_todorenko не расстраивайся , малышка , твой приз 10 лайков от меня , спасибо" - 1738641317838101350
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В первом голосовании выбыло фото @dorofeeva_todorenko не расстраивайся , малышка , твой приз 10 лайков от меня , спасибо за участие ❤💋 А мы идём дальше , и у нас второй раунд голосования 😺 Голосуем за фото которое вам НЕ НРАВИТЬСЯ ❤ Всем удачи 💋 { #dubstep } @nadyadorofeeva ~ @nadyadorofeeva ~ @nadyadorofeeva ~ @nadyadorofeeva ~ @nadyadorofeeva ~ @nadyadorofeeva ~

@AZIZIUMI_RAGE ☆Jah-Sun☆ (@kingofswagland) Instagram Profile Photo kingofswagland


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@aziziumi_rage Royal International Artist Great Granddaughter to King of the Gypsies of the West Founder of @Seastarsmovement Womanist Empowerment Org. _____________ "THE MUSE" Rattlesnake, the Earth Lightning, the Universe When Rattlesnake takes you, it is the Earth When Lightning takes you, it is the Universe _ Snake Gods In Jamaica where I was co-founder of an outward bound youth school, I experienced many all night drum sessions. Some were Rastafarian, some were Haitian and others were Cuban-influenced. However, all of these sessions were ancient African in origin. I recall how one drummer told me that "It all goes back to Damballah, Back in Jamaica and Haiti, the roots doctor and the snake work in tandem. The roots doctor explains, "Damballah is the Serpent father, the healer who cannot die." As a folklorist I understand this old mythology. Damballah may also be Quetzalcoatl or even Saint Patrick who mythically ridded Ireland of snakes long ago. The supernatural healer may also go by a variety of Amerindian and African names, translated thus: Rainbow, Smoke, and also "The umbilical Cord of All-Life." The male entity god may be known as Tail Swallower, Connecter of Earth and Sky. There are a great many names here and all of them are complicated and yet also quite simple: the snake is a deity, not a devilish creature fashioned out of Christian myth. wisdom #dubstep _