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Etc Stella (@heyfilmyy) Instagram Profile Photo heyfilmyy

Etc Stella


Matteo Di Giuseppantonio (@dmatteo838) Instagram Profile Photo dmatteo838

Matteo Di Giuseppantonio


image by Matteo Di Giuseppantonio (@dmatteo838) with caption : "Buongiorno!! Cosa abbiamo questa mattina per colazione? 😂😂😂 ovviamente #bombe al #caffè ripiene di #nutella 😋😋😋 giusto p" - 1722390565902808595
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Buongiorno!! Cosa abbiamo questa mattina per colazione? 😂😂😂 ovviamente al ripiene di 😋😋😋 giusto per iniziare questa a basse calorie 😉😉😉 #cooking


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25.02.2018 . . Petit-déjeuner de dimanche . . Tokyo marathon 2018! Je suis allée supporter mes amis qui ont courus. J'aimerais vraiment courir dans quelques années😆 . . 日曜日の朝食。 夫がホームベーカリーでパンを焼いてくれました。 . . そして今日は東京マラソン! ランニングクラブのお友達がたくさん出場するので、応援に行きました。 知らないランナーさんとのハイタッチ、仮装している人への声援など、こちらがいつも元気をもらえます。 お友達もみんな快走で、カッコよかった。1人、野獣の仮装のお友達はヘロヘロバテバテ。。。 改めて、息子が分かるようになったら出場したいな〜。 そして、ボランティアもやってみたい。 . 設楽選手はタイミングが合わずに見れなかったので残念。 帰りに丸ビルでは女子の表彰式をやっていました。 . . #cooking

Recipe and Sarcasm (@recipeandsarcasm) Instagram Profile Photo recipeandsarcasm

Recipe and Sarcasm

image by Recipe and Sarcasm (@recipeandsarcasm) with caption : "Garlic naan and butter chicken for tonight #recipeandsarcasm" - 1722334951879503478
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Garlic naan and butter chicken for tonight

the_fashionista_foodie_mumma (@the_fashionista_foodie_mumma) Instagram Profile Photo the_fashionista_foodie_mumma


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I feel like I'm doing myself an injustice. I primarily started this page due to my love and passion for food wanting to share my love of home cooking... but from my last few posts you would think I should call my page the fashionista mumma not the fashionista foodie mumma so today I thought I'd dedicate this post to my true love - FOOD. Today the weather was absolutely miserable so we decided to go looking for local ingredients. I won't lie, this vacation I was looking forward to taking a break from the kitchen and really relaxing. Day 7 of 10 and I have prepared lunch and dinner every day except for one night! They have been simple meals like burgers, sandwiches, lentil soup, souvlaki, spanakorizo, leftovers and this amazing prawn pasta I made tonight. In all honestly the food here is below average. It's disappointing because the south coast is such a gorgeous place for vacation. And it's not that we were looking for any place fancy to eat just some good honest family meals! Unfortunately, the $5 Dominos pizza was it for us (much to the pleasure of my boys) and to my dismay to see the queue wrapped around the block for families waiting to pick up their $5 pizzas. I was shocked. Anyway, today we came across a place called The Contadino Olive Farm. A beautiful Italian family selling olive oil, made by their olives, the most amazing pork and fennel salami. There was so much fennel in it, it was offensive but absolutely DELICIOUS and loved by my boys and they had eggs, tomatoes, and other home grown vegetables. I was in heaven! It was such a beautiful farm with the nicest family working there. It was an absolute find! I was looking for prawns and they told me to try Ulladulla but it was a little far from where we were so we decided to go to Nowra Market Place. There is a meat and fish market. Again, I walked in there hoping to be blown away by the local seafood and again, I was shocked that a lot of the seafood I was after was either frozen or imported. I wanted some fresh squid to make crispy calamari and they directed me to frozen, imported squid tubes from China! I was beside myself, particularly because they was $16 a kilo for it!! We ended up at Woolworths 🙌