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image by EnVie (@envie06) with caption : "#Repost @erindogovich
TO BE KILLED - 4/23/2018
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@erindogovich ・・・ CHARLIE 💖 TO BE KILLED - 4/23/2018 RESCUE ONLY CHARLIE WAS FOUND RUNNING THE STREETS OF NEW YORK #CITY ALONE. Luckily some good SAMARITANS were concerned enough to lure Charlie over and bring him to the shelter, in hopes that his family would realize he was missing & come looking for him. But that has not happened and Charlie has been residing @ Manhattan ACC for the last twelve days & now he's been added to the euth list. 's a young boy, about 2 years old, and , playful and social. Like must young , he will need some basic training and lots of patience & love but right now what he needs more than anything is our undivided attention & some serious networking to get his plight out there to everyone. It's our hope that this will generate a loving and understanding or home for Charlie where he can start all over and have a chance to be with a good family. Please don't overlook. CHARLIE@MANHATTAN ACC I am a male Animal Care Center The shelter thinks I am about 2 years old, 50 lbs Came into shelter as a STRAY Apr. 8, 2018 Charlie is RESCUE ONLY Charlie is AT RISK due to behavior new hope only determination. We recommend placement in a stable adult only environment with appropriate behavior modification. At this time there are NO MEDICAL CONCERNS for Charlie. My medical notes are... Vet Notes 9/04/2018 BARH scan negative male intact very nervous, tense, resisted handling, snapped approx 2 yrs old mild tartar clean EEN clean coat BCS 5/9 NOSF. Behavior Condition: 3. Yellow Behavior Assessment Date of intake:: 4/8/2018 Spay/Neuter status:: No Means of surrender (length of time in previous home):: Stray (With finder for three days) BITE history: Yes, Charlie bit the people who found him. One person was playing with him by putting her hands in his mouth & the other person was encouraging this. Charlie got more and more worked up & began to bite down harder on the first person's hands & would not stop, puncturing her hands three times. The other person pulled Charlie away & Charlie redirected & bit his hand too.. 💖 RECOMMENDATIONS:: No children (under 13),Place with a

image by Segbo (@segbo__) with caption : "Lightweight, foldable and ready to GO 💨" - 1763526615754974979
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Lightweight, foldable and ready to GO 💨

From home to home. Sue’s not on a beach for a while #city 🇧🇧👙🏖⛱🌴😎🐠👙🇨🇦

🇬🇧British Flower🌸 🐝Bee Bee🐝 (@britishflower) Instagram Profile Photo britishflower

🇬🇧British Flower🌸 🐝Bee Bee🐝

D. L. S. Meireles Machado (@dahlsmm) Instagram Profile Photo dahlsmm

D. L. S. Meireles Machado

image by D. L. S. Meireles Machado (@dahlsmm) with caption : "Tranquility inside a cup coffee 🍵
#coffee #starbucks #cold #night #city #relax" - 1763526340726620087
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Tranquility inside a cup coffee 🍵 #city

UK Segboards (@uksegboards) Instagram Profile Photo uksegboards

UK Segboards

image by UK Segboards (@uksegboards) with caption : "Lightweight, foldable and ready to go 💨" - 1763526299791392278
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Lightweight, foldable and ready to go 💨