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Kito_Shinjiro (@kito_shinjiro) Instagram Profile Photo kito_shinjiro


Instagram Image by Kito_Shinjiro (@kito_shinjiro) with caption : "南京町生誕150周年!

#chinatown" at Kobe Chinatown - 1742017985265366091

南京町生誕150周年! #chinesenewyear

JUAL IPHONE,ANDROID & REPAIR (@hantotal.kl) Instagram Profile Photo hantotal.kl


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iPhone 5S 16Gb Silver for sale ! Berminat boleh roger boss🤗🤗🤗 Happy weekend❗️ . Sebarang pertanyaan atau cara pembelian, KLIK sahaja link pada BIO @hantotal.kl untuk WhatsApp admin kami. NO DM ❌ . COD SHAH ALAM & KL SENTRAL . #chinesenewyear

Nina Nursita Ramadhan (@ninanursita) Instagram Profile Photo ninanursita

Nina Nursita Ramadhan

image by Nina Nursita Ramadhan (@ninanursita) with caption : "High hopes.
#chinesenewyear" - 1742013778530090174
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High hopes. . . . #chinesenewyear

rachel @artsoulmama (@theelysianheart) Instagram Profile Photo theelysianheart

rachel @artsoulmama

image by rachel @artsoulmama (@theelysianheart) with caption : "'March is a busy month in the skies. Not only does it bring us the start of the astrological year and a Blue Moon - but " - 1742011783375072141
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'March is a busy month in the skies. Not only does it bring us the start of the astrological year and a Blue Moon - but Mercury also slips into retrograde on the 22nd. Mercury retrograde happens every few months or so, and is a time for all of us to slow down and think about how we are communicating not only to others but also to ourselves. Mercury is the messenger of the Gods and is always by the Sun’s side taking notes, delivering messages, and communicating thoughts and feelings. When in retrograde however, Mercury moves away from the Sun and slips into the underworld. It is here that Mercury can uncover hidden messages, and dig through the depths in order to bring information to the light. During Mercury Retrograde, it is common for old wounds, thoughts, and feelings to arise to the surface in order to be cleared. It is also a time to reflect on the past and to perhaps reach out to people that you have unfinished business with. While the planet of communication and messages is in the underworld, having patience is important and time is needed for all the facts to come to the surface. The timing of March’s retrograde is interesting as it occurs just a few days after the start of the new astrological year or Equinox - Traditionally, the astrological year is a time where we can really leap forward and begin to put our plans into action. It is a time where we can really blossom and put all of our ideas and thoughts out into the world. With Mercury going retrograde just a few days after the Equinox, it seems that the Universe really wants us to slow down. It seems that we are being called to really meditate and think things through before taking action. If you are feeling stuck in regards to the direction of your life, or are unsure about how to make the changes you desire, beginning of astrological new year this is the perfect time to sit down with yourself and really have a heart to heart. Under the energy of Aries, it is the perfect time to plant new seeds and to put your ideas out into the world. These ideas can then be built up and made tangible as you move through the rest of the new year cycle.(Cont in comments)