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Instagram Image by NikolaM.Photo ( with caption : "Bentley Continental GT V8" at Crowne Plaza Belgrade - 1737956569206137962

Bentley Continental GT V8

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. Did you know peugeot was manufactured motorcycle also? . . PEUGEOT 1913 LEGERE 380 CC AIV V-TWIN . . . In 1910 Peugeot brought out a light V-twin motorcycle that was to become an enormous success. . The “Moto Légère  MD” was equipped with a  333 cc  45 degree V-twin engine with automatic inlet valves, direct belt transmission, Bosch  magneto,  single lever Claudel  carburettor and Truffault front forks. . The little machine proved easy to start, easy to handle and was very reliable. Moreover, it weighed only 40 kgs and was able to sustain a practical running speed of 60 km/h. . For model year  1913  the bore was enlarged from 70 to 80 mm which resulted in a capacity of 380 cc and a speed of 70 km/h. . In 4 years  some 10,000 machines were sold and this motorcycle was the most popular French motorcycle of pre- world war 1 days. . ......brand history...... . Founded:--1898; founder:--armand peugeot owner:--mahindra 51% & psa group 49% country:--french . Peugeot Motocycles Is A French  Scooters And Small Motorcycles Manufacturer. The Company Operates As A Subsidiary Of Indianmanufacturer Mahindra That Owns 51% Of Peugeot Motocycles Since 2015. Psa Groupowns 49% Of Peugeot Motocycles And The Use Of Its Brand Image. . . . instagram

CAR'S & BIKES HISTORY (@c_and_b_history) Instagram Profile Photo c_and_b_history


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. This Is The Rolls-royce Wraith Palm Edition 999. It’s Extremely Limited And It Has Gold In It. Lots Of It. This Elegant Piece Of Automotive Luxury Is The Creation Of Mansory, The Swiss Tuner Who Has Made A Habit Of Turning Supercarsde And Luxury Cars Into Statements Of Opulence. . . . Did you know RR essentially makes airplane engine.... . . Rolls-Royce Ltd. was essentially a car and airplane engine making company, established in 1906 by Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce. . . The same year, Rolls-Royce rolled out its first car, the Silver Ghost. In 1907, the car set a record for traversing 24,000 kilometers during the Scottish reliability trials. . Rolls-Royce successfully withstood the Stock Market Crash of 1929 although it had to close its factory in the United States. However, Rolls-Royce prematurely lost one of its founders as Charles Rolls was killed in a plain crash in 1910, aged only 32. . . ......brand history...... . . Founder :--charles rolls and henry royce (Partnership) . Founded:-- . 1-Manchester, England (1904-1906) partnership company . 2-private company March 15, 1906 . 3-company 2: February 23, 1971 . . In 1884 Henry Royce started an electrical and mechanical business. He made his first car, a two-cylinder Royce 10, in his Manchester factory in 1904. Henry Royce was meet to Charles Rolls at the Midland Hotel, Manchester on 4 May of that year and this is the foundation of rolls-royce limited . . Rolls-Royce Limited was incorporated on 15 March 1906 as a vehicle for their ownership of their Rolls-Royce business. . . . instagram

Image by @kuntzye with caption : "First in Switzerland 🥇🇨🇭" at Geneva, Switzerland - 1737957214281739259

First in Switzerland 🥇🇨🇭

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