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Mila's Healthy Foods (@milashealthyfoods) Instagram Profile Photo milashealthyfoods

Mila's Healthy Foods


image by Mila's Healthy Foods (@milashealthyfoods) with caption : "I know that feeling... You are prepared for the week and you feel like there's something left out🤔🤔🤔 Well,  ponder no mo" - 1737957979044715883
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I know that feeling... You are prepared for the week and you feel like there's something left out🤔🤔🤔 Well, ponder no more, let me remind you, you have not ordered our Muesli😂😂 You know you need to have our healthy snacks in your car and on your desk to avoid junk snacking. It is important to also note that our 280g packs . We started with 140g packs and most people who bought asked for bigger packs so we started packaging in 280g sizes. We made both 140g & 280g packs in our last batch only for my beloved customers to order for only 280g packs, we had to sell two 140g packs for the same price as 280g. The thing is we have been looking at our books and don't know the account to record the N100 minus🤔😥 So henceforth! Starting from this new batch, our Muesli would only be in 280g packs! We are also pleased to inform you that we are introducing our Fruity Muesli 🙌🙌. This is for our beloved customers who are requesting for fruits to be added. In their words "I don't want keto"😂. Price is same (N2,300) whichever is your choice. To order : Send a DM or Call/whatsapp 08099451034 or Click link in bio

Mark Milhofer (@markmilhofer) Instagram Profile Photo markmilhofer

Mark Milhofer



image by Amanda (@batgroomer) with caption : "I needed him. #popvinyl #blackpanther #tchalla #stanlee #marvel #collector #popaddict #funko" - 1737958773177587693
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YuLin Shen (@fancylynn0) Instagram Profile Photo fancylynn0

YuLin Shen

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Black Panther! Absolutely amazing film if u are the Marvel fan! Of course Marvel never lets me down. Surprisingly saw my dear Watson in the film:P. Hopefully he will be working with Sherlock in the avengers #blackpanther

👻 Kenny Lyn (@imatrickrtreat) Instagram Profile Photo imatrickrtreat

👻 Kenny Lyn

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@therealremyredd ・・・ When you control the narrative then you can feed everyone your HIS-STORY YOUR LIES. If you do your research and pay attention to the so called narrative of Indians were black. Dark skin people were the first people to walk this land as we know ourselves, black people were here first. Yet they will tell you Indians looked like they do in the movies. Which if you don’t know by now to not trust what they show you. You think they want to tell the truth a genocide that wiped out a whole land of people. No they tell you about a little killing 🤔. Then they shipped in more of our people. So before you believe me or them. PICK UP A BOOK AND READ BEFORE IT BECOMES ILLEGAL. --------------------------------------------------- If we don’t start supporting our own and building our own communities . They will always control us and our children. We will be leaving a situation worse than we are in for our kids. Does that not scare you? That our children may have to fight an even harder fight, than the one we are right fighting right now. That our ignorance will be the bullet that kills our children’s future. Think about that for a second. History is repeating itself. Are we going to act like we don’t see it ???? Until we unite and support our own. We must take responsibility for allowing them to do this to us. --------------------------------------------------- #blackpanther