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💖 BTS Memes 💖 (@bangtansonyeondan.cookie) Instagram Profile Photo bangtansonyeondan.cookie

💖 BTS Memes 💖

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‘s 🌃 BRUH! WTH?!😡🤬🤯 YA’LL HAVE NO RESPECT! DONT TELL THEM WHAT TO DO, THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT. THATS WHAT MAKES BTS BTS AND THATS WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL (y’know them doing what they want and their music obviously) wth is wrong with those kinds of fans, I won’t even call them fans . I swear if i meet those kinds of “fans” i will slap and punch them (ik thats too much BUT IM MAD) . . # #bighitbts