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Agnieszka Bieńko-Kuczyńska (@neska_ocr) Instagram Profile Photo neska_ocr

Agnieszka Bieńko-Kuczyńska

Pływanie zawsze było moją ulubioną aktywnością fizyczną, dlatego choć na końcówce ciąży został mi już głównie basen, przyjmuję to z szerokim uśmiechem. 😁 I kiedy tylko mogę korzystam z dobrodziejstwa lokalnego aquaparku razem z @woocash_ocr , który z racji kontuzji również przerzucił się na wodne treningi i chociaż mi go szkoda, bardzo mnie to cieszy. 😋 🌊🐳🐡 #belly

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Fifth and final day of 🌸🌞🌸 Today's affirmations were shared by @evyan.whitney, thank you so much for creating this community for us 💞🙏 . "When I am soft, I am strong. When I am connected to my senses, my body, my breath, my sexuality, I am powerful. 🔥 When I let my sensual light shine and be visible, I become a beacon of healing and representation for others. I give them permission to access the soft, bold, vulnerable, unashamed parts of themselves. 💫 I will be proud of my body as it is. I will find joy in my reflection. I will luxuriate in this skin I am in. 🌹 I will continue to take up space and challenge notions of modesty, respectability, femininity, worthiness, and beauty with my presence. 🌠 I will keep nurturing and deepening this relationship I've created with my sensuality because I know that when I give space for my softness, I empower and I heal." . . . . Softness of flesh, toughness of spirit. Getting tattooed was the first time I truly felt my strength and perseverance. Hours under the needle, weeks of healing and care 💉💞 It feels like spring in Denver and I can't wait to show off my soft body and beautiful tattoos. I've enjoyed this challenge so much! I'm excited to continue loving myself and taking up space, inside and outside my home. I tend to shrink up in the real world, compressing my fat body and silencing my voice. I want to bring this boldness, this confidence, this brave soul out of my apartment 🙏💕🗺️✨ . . #Belly

Lena B Photography (@lenabphotography) Instagram Profile Photo lenabphotography

Lena B Photography

Never miss an asshole again 🚀 (@asshole_stories) Instagram Profile Photo asshole_stories

Never miss an asshole again 🚀