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image by Parenting Guide (@parentguideaustralia) with caption : "What do you say and do when Your Child...
-begs for a toy at the store
-shouts at you in anger -doesn’t want to go to sc" - 1741733008706905146
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What do you say and do when Your Child... -begs for a toy at the store -shouts at you in anger -doesn’t want to go to school in the morning -jealous of his or her brother staying up later -doesn’t like the dinner you’ve fixed . . “Peaceful parenting doesn’t mean that you’re perpetually blissed-out or disconnected from the messy reality of life with children. Peaceful parenting simply means regulating your own emotions so that you don’t take them out on your child....when we manage our own emotions—regardless of the child’s behaviour—it frees us up to respond to our child’s needs offering the loving guidance that helps any child..develops an inner compass that helps them make choices with integrity..learn the skills to communicate and work things out with others, and develop the tools needed to thrive throughout their lives...A Parent who really appreciates this individual child, who guides the child with emotional generosity, and who coaches the child to be his or her self. I’m going to support you, step by step, to become that parent” - Dr. Laura Markham . . This excerpt comes from Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids- a Workbook written by Dr. Laura Markham, a clinical psychologist and author of bestselling book Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting. The workbook focuses on helping parents better understand their children and their own emotions, so they could Parent in a more empathetic and emotionally connected way! . . As a new parent, I have only touched the tip of the iceberg-and I am So grateful for this workbook. The entire process is research based and parent tested- and I love how Dr. Markham uses exercises, games and strategies that will really provoke a deep appreciation and understanding of the worlds greatest, messy adventure- Parenting. I urge you to check out this workbook available now via Amazon- linked in bio!! . 📷 by @birdofbalance . *DM us to be featured 😘 Tag your friends! 📍 .

Bay Bee's (@bay_bee.s) Instagram Profile Photo bay_bee.s

Bay Bee's


image by Bay Bee's (@bay_bee.s) with caption : "Precious little one!! Have a great weekend 💕
Blush velvet set from @bay_bee.s !
#babylife #babiesofig #ins" - 1741733050231145783
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Precious little one!! Have a great weekend 💕 . . . . Blush velvet set from @bay_bee.s ! . . . #babylife

e r i c a (@ericaely85) Instagram Profile Photo ericaely85

e r i c a


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Trying to capture all of the sweetness for Daddy 😍 we miss him so very much!

RAINBOW MINI COLLECTION 03/30 (@littlewonders_bykris) Instagram Profile Photo littlewonders_bykris


image by RAINBOW MINI COLLECTION 03/30 (@littlewonders_bykris) with caption : "How cute is this babe in her Alice Top 💕 📸 @teagan_taylor_hb 
#handmadesmallshopsupporter #otstop #babyclothes #cutebaby" - 1741730061731378674
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How cute is this babe in her Alice Top 💕 📸 @teagan_taylor_hb #babylife