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Tif | An | 宇 (@tiff_greenerd) Instagram Profile Photo tiff_greenerd

Tif | An | 宇


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Just to share some photos I took of my this year! This is a ... right now there are only 3 left in our entire world. 🦏🦏🦏 I will take more photos tomorrow when it’s bright! #awareness

Serpil Çilingiroğlu (@cilingirogluserpil) Instagram Profile Photo cilingirogluserpil

Serpil Çilingiroğlu


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@ahmedhulusi (@get_repost) ・・・ how you a with an already determined yet still you can it! You can't a into a . #awareness

Oneness Teachings (@onenesspassion) Instagram Profile Photo onenesspassion

Oneness Teachings

image by Oneness Teachings (@onenesspassion) with caption : "The first step is the last step'.
It does not mean after you have taken the first step, you are going to go somewhere. Y" - 1722380294310642175
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The first step is the last step'. It does not mean after you have taken the first step, you are going to go somewhere. You are not going to go anywhere at all for the simple reason there is no where to go. So what is the first step? The first step is 'awareness'; What is the last step? 'awareness'. So what is there? There is only 'awareness'.So awareness is the be all, and end all of all things. Please do not understand awareness is going to take you anywhere. Do not understand awareness will free you from jealousy. No..that awareness is going to free you from anger, that awareness is going o make you into a saint. No, not at all. Awareness, would only be giving you freedom with jealousy, freedom with anger, freedom with hatred. You would stop tampering with them, you stop trying to change them. What is there is awareness in the beginning, what is in the middle is awareness, what is in the end is awareness. When you are aware, you are fully awake, if you are fully awake, you are 'living' and no more existing. Right now you are in the state of daydreaming. You are caught up in the conflict that thought is producing. You are somewhere and you want to get somewhere. That is the moment of thought.You are engaged in this and you are caught up in that. That is why you do not live but You are merely existing - SRI BHAGAVAN

The Kinesis Project (@thekinesisproject) Instagram Profile Photo thekinesisproject

The Kinesis Project

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Bit of Rolling and Flow. Warrior Camp 29th Jun - 1st July