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🌸 Song: Black Dress - CLC 📒 So I made a list of dances I want to learn cause I'm so lazy with learning them. Today I finally finished learning Peek-a-Boo, I just need to clean it up. Which one do you think I should learn next on the list? 💮 My mom recently gave me 10$ and I really want to pre-order Monsta X's Connect album but I only have 35$ and for all four versions it's 50$. I'm hoping my mom will let me pay her back later🙏

KoreanGirlGroups (@_koreangirlgroups_) Instagram Profile Photo _koreangirlgroups_



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Jennie and Park Chaeyoung jumping and the little cute voice is amazing

♡°*:.Girl Groups.:*°♡ (@ohmygirle) Instagram Profile Photo ohmygirle

♡°*:.Girl Groups.:*°♡

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• [♡] • Sohye is so pretty.. an i also miss ioi sm :( I'm getting emotional by thinking about the good old days • • • Idol: • Group: I.O.I • Song: • • • • •

girl groups♡ 28.1.2018💍 (@girlgroupsbiased) Instagram Profile Photo girlgroupsbiased

girl groups♡ 28.1.2018💍

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💫 member: () group: () song: - i'm so ready for loona's debut. get ready to get your wigs snatched y'all -

Emma🌻💫 (@rvdvelved) Instagram Profile Photo rvdvelved


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